【Medaka Box】Action x Comedy Over 5 million copies in circulation!! Comedic adventures of the student council!!


What is “Medaka Box”?

Medaka Box is a Japanese comedy-action franchise written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki.
The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump from 2009 to 2013. Its chapters are compiled and published into 22 separate volumes. The manga series has over 5 million copies in circulation, worldwide.
An anime adaptation of the manga was also released in 2012, with the twelve-episode series adapted by Studio Gainax.
Medaka Box

What’s the story?

The series follows the student council members Medaka Kurokami, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Kouki Akune and Mogana Kikaijima. They take on the suggestions given by various members of the academy in order to make the academy a better place for everyone. The story is about the comedic and action filled adventures they take on for the improvement of the academy.
We start off by seeing a young girl, Medaka, introducing herself as the new student council president. She vows to take on and resolve anyone’s issues, whether it be related to school work or one’s personal life.
The students in the class discuss her speech and call it a bluff. Zenkichi, the protagonist, argues that she’s used to standing over people, because of the way she presented herself. Shiranui, Zenkichi’s friend, reveals that Medaka got 98% of the votes and is the undisputed number one, and to add to that, she was number one in the national exams!
Shiranui asks Zenkichi weather he’s planning on joining the student council. Zenkichi immediately denies, but only to find Medaka standing behind him. She grabs him by the head and drags him away.
Medaka and Zenkichi are revealed to have known each other for a long time. Zenkichi starts whining about how Medaka never thinks about his feelings and just drags him into everything she does. All this while Medaka is undressing in the background which catches Zenkichi off-guard.
Medaka tells Zenkichi that the only reason she brings him along is because she wants him to be by her side at all times. During the election, Medaka pledged to set up a suggestion box so that she can take care of everyone’s problems. The first suggestion shows up in the box which requests for the removal of the third years from the kendo hall.
The Kendo Hall has become the hangout spot for the school delinquents after it was neglected for some time. Medaka shows up and the leader of the third years, Moji, points a Bokutou at Medaka. Without him noticing, Medaka swipes it out of his hands using a Kendo technique.
The troublemakers surround Medaka and Zenkichi, ready to attack. Before anyone even has the time to blink, Medaka uses advanced kendo movements to snatch everyone’s cigarette packs. She starts preaching to everyone present that she won’t let them be led astray again and will make sure that they focus on the way of the sword and nothing else. She penalizes them with the practice of 1000 basic strokes.
The next day we see Zenkichi all busted up, explaining to Shiranui, how Medaka has been the same ever since they were kids. She puts effort into making those around her as good at things as she is, but without understanding the fact that she’s abnormally better than everyone else.
Shiranui reassures him by saying that he won’t have to worry about being dragged along, for as soon as the recruitment meeting for the student council begins, all the positions will be filled up. Even with this reassurance, Zenkichi feels a bit uneasy.
Medaka has cleaned the entire Kendo Hall, all by herself. Zenkichi asks her why she helps complete strangers, to which Medaka answers by saying that it gives her a feeling of happiness.
The delinquents from the previous day show up at the Kendo hall, ready to practice just as Zenkichi is about to leave. He realizes he was wrong about them as they begin their practice, led by Medaka.
Zenkichi leaves while thinking that Medaka doesn’t need his help. He believes that she will carry on regardless of the hardships. Just then, a mysterious guy wearing glasses shows up and hits Zenkichi over his head with a Kendo sword, knocking him unconscious.
Meanwhile, Medaka is preparing for her speech at the recruitment meeting for the school council. Shiranui comes up to her and brings up how Zenkichi doesn’t want to join the student council. Medaka seems concerned and says that she needs Zenkichi by her side, as she cares about him.
Shiranui reveals to Medaka about how the person who submitted the Kendo Hall request was at the level of national competition in Kendo but had a bit of personality problems. Medaka says that this is of no concern to her which is what Shiranui wanted to hear, as she submits a request of her own.
We cut to the Kendo Hall where the guy who hit Zenkichi is beating everyone up. He goes on about how Medaka couldn’t even handle a simple request properly and that she was supposed to get rid of them. Remembering the passion which they once had towards kendo, the delinquents get up to fight once more.
Just as the glasses-guy is about to attack, Zenkichi holds his sword from behind, stopping him in his tracks. Zenkichi says that he won’t tolerate anyone who stands in the way of Medaka and her justice, and proceeds to punch the guy.
As the guy retreats and plots his revenge, Medaka appears behind him. We learn that Shiranui requested the president to fix Hyuga’s personality, and Medaka embraces the idea to fix him by giving him “all her affection”.
At the end of it all, everyone sharing the kendo hall become a bit more friendly towards with each other thanks to Medaka.
A few days later, Medaka tells Zenkichi about how she puts a flower on display every time she completes a request and her dream is to one day see nothing but blooming flowers. Zenkichi says that he’ll help her achieve her dream and joins the student council.
An overjoyed Medaka hugs him, while his voice narrates how he has always been in love with her.
What adventures await the two, as they set out as the only two members of the student council?

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