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(USED) Manga JJM - Joshi Judoubu Monogatari vol.3 (JJM 女子柔道部物語(3) (イブニングKC)) / Kobayashi Makoto
Excellent condition, excellent packaging
My comics arrived in great condition. I especially appreciate how much care and thoughtfulness Manga Republic puts into their packaging.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Star Ocean: The Second Story (11) (スターオーシャン セカンドストーリー 全11巻セット / アンソロジー)
These manga are rare so I am very happy with this service! Thank you so much!!
Manga 2.5-jigen no Ririsa (2.5 Dimensional Seduction) vol.20 (2.5次元の誘惑 20 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Hashimoto Yuu
Manga 2.5-jigen no Ririsa (2.5 Dimensional Seduction) vol.20 (2.5次元の誘惑 20 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Hashimoto Yuu
(USED) Manga Complete Set Sekine's Love (Sekine-kun no Koi) (5) (関根くんの恋 全5巻セット) / Kawachi Haruka
I got the package super fast, and I'm really pleased. Books look perfect.
Magazine G-Fantasy (Gファンタジー 2024年 07 月号 [雑誌])
Book arrived in great condition
The magazine was in great condition and arrived really fast. I really enjoyed it.
Manga Hitsuji no Kawa wo Kita Kemono vol.2 (羊の皮を着たケモノ(2) (Charaコミックス)) / Kyuugou
One of my favorite manga series! Thank you so much. :))
(USED) Manga Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san vol.2 (変な知識に詳しい彼女 高床式草子さん(2) (ヤンマガKCスペシャル)) / Ohanachan
The parcel arrived on time, everything was packed at the highest level. I am amazed. The store also put small gifts inside the parcel in the form of protective films for mangas. Very cool! I'm very happy! I'll definitely order many, many, many more mangas😉
Manga Mahou Shoujo Jihen vol.3 (魔法少女事変 (3) (角川コミックス・エース)) / Akabane Zero
First purchase on Manga Republic for rare book
This was my first time purchasing a book online overseas because I could not find this book in my location.

Had no expectations other than that it'll take at least over 2+ months to arrive like other package-overseas deliveries. I was happily surprised the order came in much earlier, at week 3, and was very neatly and comfily wrapped in protective layers!

The book was in good condition and accompanied with a plastic book cover complimentary, which was an amazing touch. The staffs even went above and beyond by adding a thank you note.

Thank you for the amazing service and hope this continues for future customers & deliveries!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Mitsudomoe (19) (みつどもえ 全19巻セット) / Sakurai Norio
Comedic Masterpiece
Mitsudomoe is one of the most entertaining manga I had the pleasure of reading, every single short chapter has gotten laughs out of me. Every character is memorable, distinct, and loveable, including the background characters who don't even have any actual lines. Reading the manga you can appreciate the wonderful artwork of Sakurai Norio, as well as her skill growth as she continued to work on the series. There is an anime adaptation which does a really good job of capturing the humor and style of the manga, but you will be missing out on a lot of great content if you don't read the manga, as the anime is unfortunately a little too short, adapting only up to the starting couple of volumes.
I bought a used complete set of the manga from Manga Republic, and they all arrived in pristine condition, and now adorns my shelf as one of my favorite manga series.
Magazine G-Fantasy (Gファンタジー 2023年 10 月号 [雑誌])
Book arrived in great condition
Book arrived in great condition and on time.
Manga Jujutsu Kaisen (Main Series) vol.26 (呪術廻戦(26)) / Akutami Gege
The package arrived quickly and in great condition. I really appreciate the care put into thoughtfully packing the package so that the book is well presented and arrives without damage for me to enjoy the story within.
Manga Contradict (コントラディクト (ダリアコミックス)) / Ohshima Kamome
One of my favourite authors
Thank you so so much! I'm really happy for my purchase. :)) It's a must have!!
Manga Canis vol.1 (CANIS —THE SPEAKER—(#1)) / ZAKK
Absolutely adore this mangaka
Thank you so so much! I'm really happy for my purchase. :))
Manga 12-sai. vol.16 (12歳。(16)) / Maita Nao
12-sai. Volume 16
Intro chapter starring HiyaYui? Thank you very much! We also got more development between Kako and Kohinata~ Definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to complete their 12-sai. collection!
(USED) Manga Imaizumin-chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii vol.1 (今泉ん家はどうやらギャルの溜まり場になってるらしい ~Deep~(1)) / Nori Itsurou
Defect at the end of the book but still ok :)
(USED) Official Fan Book A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) (聲の形 公式ファンブック (KCデラックス)) / Ooima Yoshitoki
Good quality
Used but still good :)
(USED) Special Edition Manga with Bonus Tomodachi Game vol.10 (トモダチゲーム(特装版)(vol.10)) / Satou Yuuki & Yamaguchi Mikoto
Good quality
This is the only place where can I get this manga :)
(USED) Official Guidance Book (神のみぞ知るセカイ公式ガイドブック (少年サンデーコミックススペシャル)) / Wakaki Tamiki
Neat and clean
Great care was put into the packaging as always. Very satisfied.
I love the cover of the guide, and it has interesting supplementary info if you like the kaminomi series.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Omamori Himari (12) (おまもりひまり 全12巻セット) / Matra Milan
Fast and excelent product.
Thank you for all!
Manga Cello Mellow (セロ・メロウ (バーズコミックス ルチルコレクション)) / Tagura Tohru
Best service and fast delivery
I admit I was a little sceptical to buy a manga from this webside at first, because I’ve never bought anything at Manga Republic. But I wanted to give it a try, and I am sooo glad I did! I received my ordered manga faster than I thought (I live in Germany) and it was packaged PERFECTLY! I have never received an order that was packaged with so much care and effort! I would definitely buy another manga at Manga Republic!
Thank you very much!
Manga Dragon Ball Super vol.23 (ドラゴンボール超 23 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Toyble
Rest in peace akira toryiyama
I bought this manga because I wanted to read it
(USED) Manga Nagakura Hiroko Sakuhinshuu Ichinokura vol.1 (長蔵ヒロコ作品集 壱の蔵(1)) / Nagakura Hiroko
Very beautiful art style
I do like this mangaka, I have curiosity about Her works and I Hope I can read more. I especially like how the author draws male characters!
This Is a sort of very basic but interesting anthology.
I am glad for my purchase.
Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (ジャンプGIGA 2024 SPRING 2024年 6/15 号 [雑誌]: 週刊少年ジャンプ 増刊)
I arrived safe and soumd
Thank you
Manga Sleeping with the Enemy (Mukatsuku Douryou to Sex Friend ni Narimashita) (ムカつく同僚とセフレになりました (バンブーコミックス 麗人uno!)) / U
Arrived just fine!
While it did take a while (almost exactly 3 weeks I believe?) and I was getting worried about the order, since there was no tracking, it still ended up arriving on time! The packaging was very thoughtfully and thoroughly done, and the manga even came inside a plastic folder of sorts. I was gifted a thank you letter as well, and it was a great experience! 10/10 will buy again!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Narcissus Black (8) (セット)Narcissus Black 全8巻) / Uchida Kazuna
They arrived earlier than expected, despite being used, they are in excellent condition. Recommended.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Seizon Life (3) (生存-Life- 全3巻セット / かわぐちかいじ) / Kawaguchi Kaiji
I recommend
Magazine G-Fantasy (Gファンタジー 2023年 08 月号 [雑誌])
Book arrived in great condition
It arrived in good condition and very quickly too.
(USED) Manga Set Asper Kanojo (12) (★未完)アスペル・カノジョ 1~12巻セット) / Morita Renji
Excellent Experience
The books I ordered came quickly and were packaged very nicely. They were in perfect condition and I highly recommend ordering from here if you need any manga imported!
(USED) Manga Shoujo no Jikan (少女の時間 (Cheeseフラワーコミックス)) / Shiina Chika
Amazing experience!
Very satisfied with received manga! Perfect condition, fast delivery and professional service.
I was extremely happy to find it here as quite rare to find with delivery to Europe.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei (4) (ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生 全4巻セット) / Touya Hajime
Very Good!
Exactly what I wanted
(USED) Manga Complete Set Tensou Kidou Arvadling (4) (天蒼軌道アルヴァドリング 全4巻セット) / Matsuda Shu
MangaRepublic shipped everything in very safe packaging, so that it all arrived in excellent condition. The cover and pages are crisp and clean, and the artwork in this series is a sight to behold.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Captain Tsubasa: World Youth-hen (18) (キャプテン翼 ワールドユース編 全18巻セット) / Takahashi Yoichi
Simply, an excellent service.
Magazine G-Fantasy (Gファンタジー 2022年 2月号)
Book arrived in great condition
I enjoyed the manga and it arrived quickly
Special Edition Manga with Bonus Gochisou Ω wa Chuu to Naku vol.2 (ごちそうΩはチュウと鳴く(特装版)(2)) / Hanasawa Namio
This is my ultimate favorite yaoi so far!! Highly recommend it! It's adorable, well-written and the characters are just lovely! 10/10 :D
Plus, the bonus.....just WOW
(USED) Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (週刊少年ジャンプ(52) 2019年 12/9 号 [雑誌])
No issues, great packaging and the item arrived in perfect condition. I've ordered several times and am always happy with the service. ^^
(USED) Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (週刊少年ジャンプ(43) 2018年 10/8 号 [雑誌])
No issues, great packaging and the item arrived in perfect condition. I've ordered several times and am always happy with the service. ^^
Manga Tomodachi Game vol.1 (トモダチゲーム(1) (講談社コミックス)) / 佐藤 友生
Good quality
Very well packaging quality and also thanks for the gift :)
(USED) Manga My Favorite Carrera (Kanojo no Carrera) vol.1 (彼女のカレラ 1 (プレイボーイコミックス))
Arrived as described!
Arrived as quickly and as described! Thank you!
Manga Nega (Harada) (ネガ (バンブーコミックス Qpaコレクション)) / Harada
<3 Harada
one of my absolute favorite artists of all time, and this is one of their anthologies- containing my favorite one: piercing hole

Official Guidance Book (東京卍リベンジャーズ キャラクター名鑑(仮) (KCデラックス))
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
(USED) Official Guidance Book vol.2 (東京卍リベンジャーズ キャラクターブック2 芭流覇羅・黒龍編 (KCデラックス))
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
(USED) Official Guidance Book vol.3 (東京卍リベンジャーズ キャラクターブック3 天竺編 (KCデラックス))
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
(USED) Official Guidance Book (東京リベンジャーズ TVアニメ公式ガイドブック 決定版 (KCデラックス)) / Wakui Ken
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
(USED) Official Guidance Book (東京リベンジャーズ TVアニメ公式ガイドブック (KCデラックス)) / Wakui Ken
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
(USED) Official Guidance Book (東京卍リベンジャーズ キャラクターブック 天上天下 (KCデラックス)) / Wakui Ken
I am very satisfied!
I am very satisfied!
Manga Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha - The Story of Bargello Family (OCTOPATH TRAVELER 大陸の覇者 ~The story of Bargello family~ (ガンガンコミックスUP!)) / ot & 大陸の覇者運営チーム & Nakamura Shibatarou
OT manga
I just got the manga today! arrived in great condition and will read it later :) Thank you very much again :)
(USED) Manga Death Mark (死印 (マッグガーデンコミックス Beat'sシリーズ)) / Experience & Ena
Death Mark manga vol. 1
Thank you very much! got the manga and I am very satisfied reading it. A must for Death Mark fan :)
(USED) Manga Set Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru (9) (■未完セット)災厄は僕を好きすぎる 1~9巻) / Ninomiya Etsumi
Perfect quality!
Shipped fast, securely wrapped, perfect condition despite being used. I will definitely buy from Manga Republic again!
Manga Handyman Saitou in Another World (Benriya Saitou-san, Isekai ni Iku) vol.7 (便利屋斎藤さん、異世界に行く 7 (MFC)) / Ichitomo Kazutomo
Good website
The manga is of good quality, carefully packed nice service, quickly arrived to my country