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(USED) Manga Senpai wa Kanojo janai! (先輩はカノジョじゃない! (gateauコミックス)) / Chisame
Senpai wa kanojo janai!
It was great.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Wanna Be the Strongest in the World (Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!) (5) (世界でいちばん強くなりたい! 全5巻セット) / Natsuki Kiyohito
Wanna be the strongest in the world
These were Great.
(USED) Manga (ちぇんじ! (芳文社コミックス)) / Mikokuno Homare
Mikoku no homare
It was great.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Matantei Loki Ragnarok: Shinsekai no Kamigami (6) (魔探偵ロキRAGNAROK~新世界の神々~ 全6巻セット) / Kinoshita Sakura
A great experience
The product arrived in excellent condition and very well cared for. It's been great ordering my manga collection with them.
(USED) Manga Complete Set Bat-Manga! (Batman) (2) (ニンジャバットマン 全2巻セット) / Hisa Masato
These (2) comics should be in every Batman/Joker collection as they are BEAUTIFUL! Outstanding packaging too. Thank you very much!
Magazine BIG GANGAN (ビッグガンガン 2022 vol.6)
Fantastic comic, outstanding packaging! Thank you VERY much!
Manga Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu vol.1 (光が死んだ夏 1 (角川コミックス・エース)) / Mokumoku Ren
Came in perfect condition and shipped fast!
(USED) Manga Set Innocent (SAKAMOTO Shinichi) (12) (★未完)イノサンRougeルージュ 1~12巻セット) / Sakamoto Shinichi
Manga set
Thank you!!! 😍😍
(USED) Manga Complete Set Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan (5) (指定暴力少女 しおみちゃん 全5巻セット) / Inoue Kazurou
Overall Thoughts
My manga came in excellent quality even though it was used, I honestly didn't notice since it technically looked brand new, the way the manga was packed was also neat, I will definitely come back and buy more manga from here in the future.
Official Guidance Book Tokyo Revengers vol.2 (東京卍リベンジャーズ キャラクターブック2 芭流覇羅・黒龍編 (KCデラックス))
The best!
I can only recommend! They are the best and really care about their customers. I will definitely buy again
Manga Tokyo Revengers vol.27 (東京卍リベンジャーズ(27) (講談社コミックス)) / Wakui Ken
The best!
I can only recommend! They are the best and really care about their customers. I will definitely buy again
Manga CHIN PIECE vol.2 (CHIN PIECE 2 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Amami Yoshikazu
perfect gift for my cousin who loves one piece
thank you
Manga Akane Banashi vol.1 (あかね噺(1)) / Moue Takamasa
arrived really fast
thank you
(USED) Manga Complete Set CLANNAD (5) (CLANNAD-クラナド- 全5巻セット / アンソロジー)
Just good!
And again everything went great. I've ordered about five times now and I've always been very satisfied. This site is the future of getting original manga in japanese. You are doing a great job ^^
(USED) Manga Set My name is Mr.isoji. (Tori no, Isoji-san) (4) (とりの、いそじさん。(4)) / Washio Mie
Been looking for these books for awhile. I’m glad I was able to get the full set
Manga Kinsou no Vermeil vol.1 (金装のヴェルメイユ ~崖っぷち魔術師は最強の厄災と魔法世界を突き進む~(1) (ガンガンコミックス)) / Amana Kouta & Uzume Youko
Just Great
i buy this manga as a test to see how an order to germany works and everything was great fast delivery and friendly information gladly again
Manga One Piece vol.102 (ONE PIECE 102 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Oda Eiichiro
thank you manga republic
the item came in perfect condition. Thank you!!
(USED) Art Book The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪 イラストコレクション 〈七色の罪〉 (KCデラックス)) / Suzuki Nakaba
Got it
Thank you
Manga Mokushiroku No Yonkishi vol.7 (黙示録の四騎士(7) (講談社コミックス)) / Suzuki Nakaba
Got it
Thank you
(USED) Manga Koko Wa Yasashii Niwa (ここはやさしい庭 (CHARA コミックス)) / Enzou
Arrived on time with no damage. Very good customer service!!!
I’ve read the story online, I just enjoyed everything about it so much that I had to get a physical copy for myself. This is my favorite from Enzou-sensei ♡
(USED) Manga Complete Set Kitaku Tochuu de Yome to Musume ga Dekita n dakedo, Dragon datta. (2) (帰宅途中で嫁と娘ができたんだけど、ドラゴンだった。 全2巻セット) / Amano Kohitsuji
I am so happy with my order. They are in great condition and are perfect!
(USED) Manga Complete Set CLANNAD (3) (CLANNAD コミックアンソロジー 全3巻セット / アンソロジー)
Clannad Books
Perfect as always. The shipping takes a long time if you order from Germany, but it's worth it every time and I'm always happy with what I get. I will order again soon ><
Manga Uchi no Shitsuji wa Yuruganai vol.1 (うちの執事は揺るがない(1): フラワーコミックス) / Amane Yuko
Good quality packaging ,ann service
I would recommend this website, shipping can take time depending on where you live, but the quality of service is exceptional, if I need something else, I would come back. Good work!
(USED) Manga GUILTY GEAR (ギルティギアイスカ (ミッシィコミックス おおぞら笑コミックス・シリーズ))
It's good
Took a while but it's good
(USED) Manga B - Brahms 20-sai no Tabiji vol.2 (B(ベー)(2)ーブラームス20歳の旅路ー (エッジスタコミックス))
Exciting rendition of a young musician’s life
This beautifully illustrated and enthusiastically written short series about the composer Johannes Brahms focuses on his youth and his rise to becoming an important musician and composer. Manga of classical composers are always a favorite genre, and this title is even more fun and exciting than usual! If you’re a classical music fan or interested in the fascinating life of a young composer, this is for you.
Manga Set The Heresy of Love (Kono Ai wa, Itan.) (3) (この愛は、異端。 コミック 1-3巻セット)
Items were better than I imagined. Perfect condition, carefully and lovingly wrapped. Even included sleeves for the books to go in. <3 love this company
Manga Zetsubou ni Nake (絶望に啼け 下 (on BLUEコミックス)) / Shinou Ryo
Loved it :)
Pristine paperback and shipped without trouble :)
Manga Love Bites and Obedience (服従と甘噛み (on BLUEコミックス)) / 志木見 ビビ
top quality
book was brand new and packaged very nicely. this was my first purchase from this website and they included a gift, as well as a bookmark, some flyers, and a piece of cardboard to prevent it from bending. the package arrived in pristine condition.
as for the contents of the book itself, i had previously read it online and i enjoyed it, so i decided to buy it. it's about a werewolf being taken in by a veterinarian. it's got a cute plotline and the dialogue made me smile.
overall 10/10. i would purchase from this website again.
Manga Dandadan vol.5 (ダンダダン 5 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Ryuu Yukinobu
Thank you
Another one for the collection
Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (ジャンプGIGA 2022 SPRING 2022年 6/1 号 [雑誌]: 週刊少年ジャンプ 増刊)
Thank you
Got here two day’s early
(USED) Manga Set Koushin Koinu ni Koibumi wo (5) (★未完)行進子犬に恋文を 1~5巻セット) / Tamasaki Tama
Great shopping experience.
The items were well packaged and came in perfect condition. I will definitely be ordering from here again!
Manga Senki Zesshou Symphogear vol.1 (戦姫完食シンフォギア~調めし~ (1) (バンブーコミックス)) / Tsutanoha & Project シンフォギアXV
super happy
the product arrived in excellent condition, very neat packaging, as a lover of the series it is a nice collector's item. I was very satisfied with it.
(USED) Manga Water World (WATER WORLD (少年キャプテンコミックススペシャル)) / Kakizaki Kazumi
It exists.
My jaw is on the floor
Manga Don't Be Cruel (Hidoku Shinaide) vol.11 (酷くしないで(11) (ビーボーイコミックスデラックス)) / Nekota Yonezou
So cool
The look is very different from French and especially English manga. I don't know how to read Japanese but already having this manga in my hands is already a previlege since it's not anywhere yet. No need for translation anyway if you see what I mean, he he he
(USED) Manga Set Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi (14) (★未完)コーセルテルの竜術士~子竜物語~ 1~14巻セット / 石動あゆま)
It came beautifully packaged!
The package came faster than I thought it would and the mangas were in perfect condition! I searched high and low for this manga so when I saw they came in sets I was so happy. Thank you for the extra manga covers.💕
(USED) Manga Dragon Head vol.1 (ドラゴンヘッド(1) (ヤンマガKCスペシャル)) / Mochizuki Minetaro
Thank u MR!
I love it tysm!!
(USED) Novel Fukushuu wo Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou suru (復讐を希う最強勇者は、闇の力で殲滅無双する (JUMP j BOOKS)) / Ononata Manimani
collector list
IT good read to a light novel volume 1
Manga Dear Door vol.1 (Dear Door 1 (フルールコミックス)) / Pluto
Exceeded expectations!
This is my second time ordering from manga republic and it doesn't stop impressing. My packages have been packed with such care and the books are in mint condition. I will definitely be buying again in the future!
Manga Bidou Wakadanna, Koi Shitau Wa Koushoku Otoko (美童若旦那、恋慕ふは好色男 (Honey Milk Comics)) / Shimeji (占地)
If you are thinking of buying I really recommend this site!
The manga arrived in perfect condition and very fast. Also if you like manga with a historical context I recommend this one as well, it's a short but nice story and it contains some erotic elements ;)
(USED) Manga Gravitation EX vol.1 (グラビテーションEX. 1 (バーズコミックス ガールズコレクション)) / Murakami Maki (村上真紀)
The manga is in perfect state! I bought both volume 1 and 2 - it was very well packed and it came with treats as well (as it was my first order here)|
(USED) Manga Gravitation EX vol.2 (グラビテーションEX. (2) (バーズコミックス ガールズコレクション)) / Murakami Maki (村上真紀)
The manga is in perfect state! It was very well packed and it came it treats as well (as it was my first order here)!
(USED) Manga In These Words (In These Words (ビーボーイコミックスデラックス) (ビーボーイコミックスDX)) / Guilt|Pleasure
Packed perfectly and even in used condition, the manga had no flaws at all.
(USED) Manga Set act-age (12) (★未完)アクタージュ act-age 1~12巻セット) / Usazaki Shiro
It was in perfect condition and packing was great! So happy I bought it from here
Manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki vol.5 (神様のえこひいき 5 (マーガレットコミックス)) / Komura Ayumi
amazing product and delivery
Thank you
Manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki vol.4 (神様のえこひいき 4 (マーガレットコミックス)) / Komura Ayumi
amazing product and delivery
Thank you
Manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki vol.3 (神様のえこひいき(3)) / Komura Ayumi
amazing product and delivery
Thank you
Manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki vol.2 (神様のえこひいき 2 (マーガレットコミックス)) / Komura Ayumi
amazing product and delivery
Thank you
Manga Kamisama no Ekohiiki vol.1 (神様のえこひいき 1 (マーガレットコミックス)) / Komura Ayumi
amazing product and delivery
Thank you💖
Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (週刊少年ジャンプ(18) 2022年 4/18 号 [雑誌])
10/10 packaged very nicely
Manga Kokou Kemono to Obaka Yankee (孤高けものとおバカヤンキー (花音コミックス)) / Hijiki
Packaging is well done as I had expected from my first experience. Wonderful place to buy raws ❤️