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Manga Dance Dance Danseur vol.15 (ダンス・ダンス・ダンスール (15) (ビッグコミックス)) / George Asakura
This manga is underrated...
I'm afraid this manga is underrated.
It's one of my favourites up to now, the author gives complexity and depth to every character not only the main character and I'm really curious about the next chapters, I can't wait. Junpei grows with us...his struggle to dance with all his heart and soul is real. I would like to recommend the anime as well, very beautiful work by Mappa Studio, it stops at the end of fifth volume of the manga, so I really hope there will be a second season...It would be awesome!(^_^)
Manga The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) vol.1 (陰の実力者になりたくて!(1)) / Aizawa Daisuke & TONZAI & Sakano Anri
Manga vol.5 (フリースタイル53 特集:マンガ家による極私的偏愛マンガBEST 5) / Shimada Toranosuke & Kondou Youko & Koizumi Tomohiro & Saiki Kumiko & Daisaku Tsuru
Manga artists pick their favorite manga.
The theme of this issue is that manga artists write about their 10 favorite manga, choosing 5 from the 20th century and 5 from the 21st century. The choices are a mix of canonical classics and picks that are more idiosyncratic. It is interesting to see both Abe Shinichi and Yoshimoto Baron on more than one list. In addition, Eguchi Hisashi, one of the great talkers about manga, is interviewed. I could read an entire book of Eguchi discussing manga, are you listening, publishers?
(USED) Manga Complete Set The Shadow Warrior (Jijo Eiyuuden) (2) (児女英雄伝 全2巻セット / 松本零士)
the shadow warrior
another of the great works of the master leiji matsumoto highly recommended!!
Manga Gakuen Babysitters vol.24 (学園ベビーシッターズ 24 (花とゆめコミックス)) / Tokeino Hari
Book came in excellent condition and was packaged very carefully so it wouldn't get damaged. Thanks!
Manga Death Note vol.4 (DEATH NOTE (4) (ジャンプ・コミックス)) / Obata Takeshi
Perfect condition
This was my first time ordering from MangaRepublic and I was not disappointed. He packing quality was above and beyond and the Manga is in mint condition. I highly recommend to anyone!
(USED) Manga Mr. Boy vol.1 (Mr.ボーイ 1 (アクションコミックス)) / Yamamoto Atsuji
Well done
Quality is really good. It's like I'm reading a brand new book.
(USED) Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (付録付)ジャンプGIGA 2023年6月号)
Arrived on time
Thank you
(USED) Manga Fate Series (Fate/Prototype Tribute Phantasm (角川コミックス)) / TYPE-MOON
Manga Fate/Prototype
the mangas arrived very quickly and came very well packaged, even though they were used they were in perfect condition:)
(USED) Manga Trickster vol.2 (TRICKSTER(2) (講談社コミックス)) / PEACH-PIT & 吉田 恵里香 & マントヒヒ・ビンタ
Manga Trickster V.2
the mangas arrived very quickly and came very well packaged, even though they were used they were in perfect condition:)
(USED) Manga Trickster vol.1 (TRICKSTER(1)) / PEACH-PIT & 吉田恵里香 & マントヒヒ・ビンタ & Jordan森杉
Manga Trickster
the mangas arrived very quickly and came very well packaged, even though they were used they were in perfect condition:)
(USED) Manga Yuki no Kuni kara vol.3 (ゆきの国から 3 (マーガレットコミックス))
decent book
great purchase
(USED) Manga Isshiki-san wa Koi wo Shiritai vol.3 (一式さんは恋を知りたい。(3)) / Araragi Ayune
Rinna and Meishi are super cute together. This artist is great. I love this series! Highly recommended!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Dance in the Dark (Kurayami Dance) (2) (暗闇ダンス 全2巻セット) / Takeya Syuji
Great condition and fast shipping
My order arrived very fast (from Japan to Los Angeles) and the books were in pristine condition, I would definitely buy from them again!
(USED) Manga Kumanishi Bijutsu-bu Rafusuke Senpai vol.2 (熊西美術部らふすけ先輩(2) (講談社コミックス)) / Onio
The best packaging
Came within a decent amount of time. The packaging was amazing, it would take a lot to even try to damage the product. 

Awesome series!
(USED) Manga Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Onikakushi-hen vol.1 (ひぐらしのなく頃に 鬼隠し編(1) (ガンガンコミックス)) / Ryukishi 07 & Suzuragi Karin
Very satisfied
Even if already used, the quality of the books are good.
The time needed to recieve it is ok.

Thanks a lot Manga Republic to allow me to read the manga adapted of one of my favorite game(/anime) in japanese (i'm learning the language).
I already bought the 8 books of the 4 first arcs and will soon buy the books of the last 4 arcs.
(USED) Manga Shiga Hime vol.1 (屍牙姫 1 (ゼノンコミックス)) / Satou Hirohisa
was good :)
packaging was very nice, I was kept up to date via e-mail aswell :)
(USED) Manga orange vol.1 (orange(1) (アクションコミックス)) / Takano Ichigo
Thought it would be a scam because of price. But worked out, took about 2 weeks.
(USED) Manga Ayashiya vol.10 (あやしや(十)) / Banno Mutsumi
I will return
Had hard to find manga, packed extremely well. 
Quality of the manga was very good more than I was expecting. 
Prices were fair, about the same as all the other places. I will return for my hard to find items.
Thank you
(USED) Manga Sweet Spot (Chuusonji Yutsuko) vol.1 (スイートスポット(1)) / Chuusonji Yutsuko
So happy!
Ridiculously fast shipping and my books are in great condition! :)
(USED) Manga Complete Set Arion (Yasuhiko Yoshikazu) (5) (アリオン 全5巻セット) / Yasuhiko Yoshikazu
Great service!
Great service! My order was packaged with care and the follow up was a great touch.
Manga Set Karate Baka Isekai (4) (空手バカ異世界 コミック 1-4巻セット) / D.P & 輝井永澄/bun150
Top notch
The art to this manga is excellent and I enjoy the story - the manga came quick and in great condition
(USED) Manga Oujougiwa no Imi wo Shire! vol.1 (往生際の意味を知れ!(vol.1)) / Yoneshiro Kyo
collector list
this manga is good story to feeling and film person in your heart at grow a family with person know about heart to soul of life.
(USED) Manga Demon's Plan vol.1 (デモンズプラン(1)) / Okamoto Yoshimichi
collector list
my persons fun manga to read as manga fan as collector for Shounen series.
(USED) Manga Isshiki-san wa Koi wo Shiritai vol.3 (一式さんは恋を知りたい。(3)) / Araragi Ayune
Great artist and series! Cute characters. Love it!
(USED) Manga Isshiki-san wa Koi wo Shiritai vol.1 (一式さんは恋を知りたい。 (1) (角川コミックス・エース)) / Araragi Ayune
Great artist and series! Cute characters. Love it!
(USED) Manga Isshiki-san wa Koi wo Shiritai vol.4 (一式さんは恋を知りたい。 (4) (角川コミックス・エース)) / Araragi Ayune
Great artist and series! Cute characters. Love it!
(USED) Manga Sou da, Baikoku Shiyou vol.1 (そうだ、売国しよう〜天才王子の赤字国家再生術〜 1) / Emuda & Toba Tooru & Farumaro
I love this series!
Manga Pumpkin Night vol.3 (パンプキンナイト 3 (LINEコミックス)) / Hokazono Masaya
Fast delivery cheap, Great condition and packaging
I was very impressed! the delivery price seemed too good to be true but it arrived very quickly, and the packaging job was very well done

The manga came in amazing condition and was bundled with a small gift.

Will definitely be my go-to site if i ever need more in the future!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Mayme Angel (4) (メイミー・エンジェル 全4巻セット) / Igarashi Yumiko
I'm so happy with my purchase. And I thank all of the manga republic staff for keeping me posted on my order. Will order again soon. Thank you
(USED) Manga Will you marry me again if you are reborn? (Umarekawattemo Mata, Watashi to Kekkon shitekuremasu ka) vol.3 (生まれ変わってもまた、私と結婚してくれますか(3)) / Morinaga Miku
The best Customer Service i ever expirienced
I am impressed, really. The manga is in perfect condition and Hana-san from the customer support gave me a lot of updates. The manga was extremly careful packed and shipped. But Fedex effed up. They gave my package to a neighbor 7 houses over ...
Manga Ruri Dragon vol.1 (ルリドラゴン 1 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Shindou Masaoki
Euro Dragon
Excellent care for both envelope and content!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Fruits Basket (12) (フルーツバスケット(愛蔵版) 全12巻セット) / Takaya Natsuki
Very Pleased!
Canadian customer. It arrived in three days from the time I received a notification that it was shipped. Very fast service, and it arrived in secure quality packaging. I purchased the used set, but the books were in excellent (essentially new) condition. Definitely higher quality than most domestic orders I place! Would highly recommend! Can’t wait to read them! ありがとうございました!
(USED) Manga Ojoudan (Chuusonji Yutsuko) vol.1 (お嬢だん(1)) / Chuusonji Yutsuko
Great Packaging and Quality
I am very impressed with the 2 orders I made. Definitely considering ordering manga and other goods from them in the future!
(USED) Art Book From Far Away (Kanata kara) (画集 彼方から) / きょうこ, ひかわ
This is my second order with them and everything was perfect, the artbook was in excellent conditions also thanks to the good package. I am always impressed by the care of details of the manga republic team. Fast shipping, the always nice “Thank You” card. When I want to buy japanese' original mangas I always came here to see availability and I am never disappointed. Thank you so much! <3
(USED) Manga Meitantei Conan: Tokei Jikake no Matenrou (名探偵コナン 時計じかけの摩天楼 (少年サンデーコミックス))
Yet another great purchase
A great manga for my collection once again!
(USED) Manga Dragon Ball Z Movie Comics (ドラゴンボールZ―超戦士撃破!!勝つのはオレだ (ジャンプコミックスセレクション アニメコミックス))
Movie comics!
The older editions of the Dragon Ball movie comics are printed on nice, thick paper and they’re a great way to revisit the movies in a different kind of experience. I love them!
(USED) Manga One Piece vol.2 (ONE PIECE 7 アラバスタ編VS.バロックワークス2 (SHUEISHA JUMP REMIX)) / Oda Eiichiro
A different way to read One Piece
If you’re too overwhelmed by the massive amount of Tankobon, the Jump Remix edition may be a good place to start. They’re cheaper and contain quite a lot of chapters!
Manga Yabun ni Kyuuketsu Shitsureishimasu. vol.2 (夜分に吸血失礼します。 (2) (ゼノンコミックス)) / Amida Muku
Good communication, packaged with care
Thank you!!
Manga Yabun ni Kyuuketsu Shitsureishimasu. vol.3 (夜分に吸血失礼します。 (3) (ゼノンコミックス)) / Amida Muku
Good communication, packaged with care
Thank you!
(USED) Manga Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判3 4コマkingdom (アクションコミックス))
Items came in excellent condition and arrived faster than I expected! They were packaged with extreme care and sellers were thoughtful and responsive. Thank you so much!!
(USED) Manga Complete Set Maid Senki (9) (メイド戦記 全9巻セット) / RAN
It’s beautiful and it’s here!
I read the first two books of this series several years ago, and just wanted to know what happened next, but it was never licensed in my country. When I found this site, I was unsure, but now, I couldn’t trust this site more! The books came to me in perfect condition, well packaged and safely wrapped for shipping, and it arrived in a perfectly reasonable two weeks! If you love manga straight from Japan, this is definitely for you!
Magazine Weekly Shonen JUMP (少年ジャンプ(17) 2023年 4/10 号 [雑誌])
Came exactly as described and package extremely well for the long trip will always trust Manga Republic to deliver amazing items at an amazing price! Thank you so much! 🥰✨
(USED) Manga Kuzuryuu (九頭龍 (SCオールマン)) / Hara Tetsuo & Ikuta Tadashi
Love it! You guys earned a customer…I can’t wait to buy more manga with you.
(USED) Manga House of the Sun (Taiyou no Ie) vol.1 (たいようのいえ(1) (KC デザート))
the delivery is very quick, the manga is in perfect condition and for be my first purchase manga republic gift me 10 transparent covers. The manga is for my bestie so I'm very happy. they give me a letter with my name, great details.
Manga Misetagari No Tsuyuno-Chan vol.4 (見せたがりの露乃ちゃん(4): バンチコミックス) / Furumoto Takeru
Great product
It arrived on time and it's in great condition.
Manga Aruku Hito (Taniguchi Jiro) (歩くひと 完全版) / Taniguchi Jiro
Very fast delivery, carefully packaged. Absolutely perfect!
Item was packaged very carefully and arrived fast. I even received a friendly letter and a little gift with my order. 
Can recommend 100%
(USED) Manga Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (私たちの幸せな時間 (Bunch Comics Extra)) / 孔 枝泳
Honestly, I had my doubts with how reliable the platform was going to be but seems like my worries were for nothing. What I got was something in a "Used (Excellent)" condition but except for a slight speck of dirt in the back of the outer cover there was literally no issues at all. And not to mention this is till date the best quality print of any manga I had my hands on. Absolutely a steal for this price!
Manga Ushiro no Shoumen Kamui-san vol.6 (うしろの正面 カムイさん(6): 裏少年サンデーコミックス) / えろき(原作) コノシロしんこ(作画)
Got here fast
Thank you
Manga Dandadan vol.9 (ダンダダン 9 (ジャンプコミックス)) / Ryuu Yukinobu
Got here fast
Thank you