Munou na Nana! ”Murder the Enemy of the Humans.” Murder Cases Happen in Supernatural Power Training School!! A Special Number for a Suspense with NO Spoilers, Munou na Nana!


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This article contains some spoilers of episode 1.
For This Series, Episode 1 Is Especially Interesting and Shocking.
If possible, please just read the outline part of this article and go watch Episode 1 of Anime or Manga. If possible, please do not read this article until the end.
So! I started a little differently than usual. It’s Saori from Manga Republic.
Today, I’ll feature Supernatural Power×Suspense Manga, Munou na Nana, which will start to air in October!

【Fall 2020 Anime】 “Murder the Enemy of the Humans” Murder Cases Happen in Supernatural Power Training School!! A Special Number for a Suspense with NO Spoilers, Munou na Nana!

What Is Munou na Nana?

It’s a Japanese manga series, serialized in the magazine “Monthly Shōnen Gangan” since 2016. The genre is supernatural power × school × suspense.
This title is rated highly as the “resourceful suspense of justice and evils” and six volumes of the comics have been released.
I mean it was just the outline but…… this is one of the most featured “suspense” Fall 2020 Anime.
Alright, then let me give you a more detailed outline. As I mentioned above, I’ll share an outline episode 1 with you but……
For This Series, Episode 1 Is Especially Interesting and Shocking.
If possible, please just read the outline part of this article and go watch Episode 1 of Anime or Manga.
If possible, please do not read this article until the end.
Please read ahead if you understand these things above.
Alright. Let me start here.

Outline of Munou na Nana!

“Murder all the “Enemies of Humanity”, living on this island, and you will save an estimated 10,000, 000 peoples’ lives.”
Nakajima Nanao transferred to a school on an island, far away from the city, a half year ago.
However, the school was actually…… the secret organization, where they gather psychics from all over the world and train them.
The purpose of this school is to train people to beat the “Enemies of Humanity”, which will come someday.
One day, two new students transfer to the school.
One is Onodera Kyoya. He keeps what kind of superpower he has a secret, treats his classmates coldly, and never cooperates with anybody.
The other is Hiiragi Nana.
She has ability “telepathy”, where she is able to read other people’s minds. Nana, who sits next to Nanao, senses right away that he’s been bullied. She hears the other boy (who’s been bullying him)’s mind too, and even hears that he wants to date with her.
Meanwhile, all the students decide to have the “leader” of the class.
Nana recommends Nanao, while he is not willing to be the candidate.
Nanao says he is not qualified because his superpower is not flashy enough.
Growing up in the normal family, Nanao’s superpower was useless so all his family members thinks he’s “imcompetent”. That’s why he can never make any friends. In this training school, he can neither stand out by doing anything special nor getting good scores on any subjects.
Hearing that from him, Nana says to him.
I “hear” other people’s minds. When she rides on the crowded train…… when she is on the crowded place…… She hears various minds as if she’s talking on the phone.
“There has been no such thing as a friend, even a single friend.”
Nana, being always cheerul ane enegetic, has lived lonely just because she was born with superpower.
Hearing what she says, Nanao feels a little closer to her.
Then, Nana is pushed from the cliff to the sea by an invisible “thing”.
“On this island, a “human’s threatening” is snuck in and already existed. And it might be trying to kill the students, who will eventually ruin it……”
That’s what Nanao said right before she was pushed to the sea.
What kind of superpower does Nanao have? And what is the true color of the “human’s threatening”? Munou no Nana, starting to air in October 2020! Please check it out!!
Check HERE for Munou no Nana’s Comics!!
Already! I’ll see you all at the next article! Bye-bye~!!
Fortunately, Nana was saved by a hairbreadth.
Nanao feels that Nana was almosed killed by being pushed from the cliff by someone evil.
Since Nana was saved by Nanao, she decides to recommend him as the class leader after all. She realizes that Nanao has the most beautiful mind and wants to be the leader more than anybody in class.
Then Nanao says to Nana.
“It’s ‘creepy’ that you know everything even without asking me.”
Nanao actually wants to be the leader. And he really looks up to his father, who is capable of doing anything. That’s why he hates himself being “imcompetent”, not being able to achieve anything.
At this moment, Nanao treats Nana, who has read his mind, so coldly.
On the next day, the class is discussing who’s going to be the leader without Nanao.
However, Nanao withdraws the election, saying he is not qualified. As a result, a boy student named, Seiya, who is able to control the ice, wins.
However, another candidate is not satisfied with the result and uses his ability, where he can control the fire, violently. The fire becomes the fireball and he throws it to Seiya and Nana.
Looking at what’s going on, Nanao moves right away.
So many things are on his minds then, such as when he treated Nana so coldly on the previous day, “his father’s words; Be the leader”, which has been always in his mind……
Trying to push everything away from his mind, he uses his superpower for the frist time in front of his classmates.
Nanao’s superpower is “to delete other people’s superpower”.
That was the moment when Nanao was able to use his superpower correctly.
After that, Nanao and Nana make it up.
What is most necessary to become the leader is not a good fighter. That’s someone who can think about other people, who can do something for someone. Nana is happy again that Nanao becomes the leader.
And Nanao finally understands that “he can delete superpower by touching people or people’s superpower”.
Nana holds Nanao’s hand. Then says to him, crying.
“…… I don’t hear anything…… for the first time.”
Nanao deletes the voices in Nana’s minds, which have been struggling her. Nanao really feels happy to see her happy face. His superpower made someone smile.
“Then guess what I’m thinking without using superpower.”
Nana nods a little to what Nanao says.
“Why do I have to be killed by this girl…… right?”
Nana explains to Nanao.
The reason why Nana noticed that Nanao was alienated and bullied by other people is that she was paying attention to the classmates, pretending to read a book. The reason why she felt he was thoughtful is that she saw a scratch from the cat on his neck. The reason why he is not cherishing expensive clothes or watches while wearing them is because he has some issues with the one who gave to him. By gradually pulling out his info and make everything certain, then she “pretended that she read his minds”.
She didn’t read his minds. It was all her performances to get trust from him by observing him and assuming.
Nanao is now convinced. Nana is the “Enemies of Humanity”, which is the enemies of them psychics.
But then, Nana denies what he says.
She says that the ones who were born with superpower should be the “Enemies of Humanity”. “You guys”, who look just like humans and have superpower, should be the “Enemies of Humanity”.
Nana decides to kill Nanao because Nanao is qualified to the leader and might end up leading the “Enemies of Humanity.” That’s why Nana investigated his abilities like a spy and found out that he had no fighting ability.
“Please die for us humans.”
Nanao died.
He fell down from the cliff, being hit strongly by the head.
Nana prayed silently after she confirmed that he died.
……Well, you have read it through, huh?
So the title “Munou na Nana” doesn’t mean “Nanao who has been incompetent” but “Nana who has had no superpower”.
From here, Nana will secretly assassinate all her classmates who are the psychics, the “Enemies of Humanity”. Nana is very clever, has a good judge of character, and is a good performer. While each classmate is targeted, who’s going to be suspicious of Nana first……?
It’s Onodera Kyoya, who transferred to the school with her.
He realizes that the murderer is Nana at an early stage while hiding his superpower. However, Nana never leaves the crucial evidence. Nana is always cautious and some of the students have not revealed what superpower they have yet.
We’ll be watching this high-level deceiving game by these two and how Nana will murder all the psychics.
I bet you want to know more about this story~!! Why don’t you check the original Manga or/and Anime?
Alright! This is all for today! Thank you for reading all the way to here!

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