【31-banme no Okisaki-sama】 The 31st Queen...... A Bright and Energetic Country Girl with Unluckiness to Spare!?

31-banme no Okisaki-sama is the story of Felia, a queen who could be said to have drawn the “short straw” by being brought into the king's harem. Coming from a remote territory, Felia, despite appearing to be in an unfortunate position, is portrayed as a strong and wise woman who carves her own path. This blog introduces the allure of 31-banme no Okisaki-sama with a synopsis and thoughts.
The story begins when Felia, the sister of a young lord, is suddenly told she has been chosen as a queen for the king. However, she was chosen as the kind of queen everyone avoids, one whom the king visits only once every three months - a “short straw” queen. Upon entering the harem, Felia, unconcerned with the king's visits, starts farming the mansion's garden herself, bringing a fresh breeze to the daily life in the harem.
Felia has lived in a remote territory without the aid of maids or butlers. Thus, she is accustomed to a self-sufficient lifestyle, carrying little baggage, and unfazed by the head lady-in-waiting's harassment, she enriches her life with her own strength. Even after arriving in the harem, her strength remains unchanged, becoming an “oasis” for the other queen candidates and the knights guarding them.
The relationship between Felia and the king may seem like a typical Cinderella story, but Felia's personality adds a new charm to the tale. She is not just another queen candidate but uses her position to establish her place in the harem while captivating others. Her encounters with the king are significantly influenced by this strength.
Reading 31-banme no Okisaki-sama I was charmed by Felia's strength and warmth. Although it is a story about the harem, the presence of a positive and strong character like Felia, without focusing primarily on the conflicts between women, makes for a very refreshing post-reading feeling. I am very much looking forward to seeing how she grows and interacts with the people around her through her life in the harem.
31-banme no Okisaki-sama is an unusual harem story featuring a queen chosen by the king as the “short straw” protagonist. The appeal lies in Felia's strength and warmth, and the relationships with the people around her, surely captivating readers. I believe it can be enjoyed as both a Cinderella story and a tale of women's growth by many.
31-banme no Okisaki-sama

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