【Osomatsu-San】How About Reading It? Before Season 3, Let’s Enjoy Manga×Osomatsu-San!!

Hello everybody! It’s Saori from Manga Republic!
Getting ready for 2020 Fall Anime yet……? More and more info about the scheduled Fall Anime are coming up now~! Do you know any?
Aaaand, hello everybody. I’m Manga Republic’s Boss.
Now we’ve been enjoying various sequels and original from 2020 Summer Anime but we should also get ready for the Fall Anime to enjoy them 1000% more!
So today! We’ll start the new segment: Getting ready for the Fall Anime through MANGA, Vol.1! This time, we’ll share “THAT Anime’s Manga”, whose Season 1 and 2 went viral and Season 3, scheduled to air in October!

【Osomatsu-San】How About Reading It? Before Season 3, Let’s Enjoy Manga×Osomatsu-San!!

Basically, Osomatsu-San’s each episode stands alone, so there are not many sequences between the episodes and the relationships among the boys haven’t changed much through Season 1 and 2!
Mmm? Then we don’t really need to get ready for the next Season, no?
Yes, we do! To enjoy Season 3 even more, we still need to review what kind of style the story was and what kind of characters have appeared!
So today, we’ll share its Manga, where you can review the whole anime’s episodes and our recommended comic anthology, so you can come to like the chara even more!!
You'll See Exactly the Same Anime’s Episodes in Manga Too! Osomatsu-san Anime Comics!
In this comics, all the episodes from anime focus on each character! For instance, Vol.1 focuses on the oldest boy, Osomatsu, then Vol.2 focuses on the second oldest, Karamatsu. You can enjoy exactly the same anime’s episodes in colors! The same lines in anime are written in Japanese too so it’s also good to learn Japanese!
Osomatsu-san Anime Comics Ver.Movie
This is the comicalized one, specialized with its movie released in 2019! If you haven’t watched it even through DVD, you can read exactly the same episode from the movie! And of course, it’s all in colors! Luxurious, huh??

Enjoy Osomatsu-San’s Worldview Even MORE!
Here’s the Official Anthology!

Osomatsu-san (Official Comicalized Version)
This series is specialized with the comicalized original episodes which can’t be seen in anime!
For those who don’t like to see the boys conflict against each other in anime…… this is it!
This anthology doesn’t focus on each boy, but instead, it depicts their peaceful life, where they try to solve various issues together! If you want to see their different attractions from the ones in anime, try this!
All the episodes were drawn by only one artist, so most of you might like the illustrations!
Osomatsu-san × Anthology Comic
This Anthology has various manga by different artists! Since all the episodes are the original by each artist, I would recommend this to those who already know each chara’s personality from anime!
This one is not actually the Osomatsu-San…… but it depicts the childhood of the characters who appear in Osomatsu-San!
Actually, Osomatsu-kun was serialized in WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY in 1960s too! This title is one of the precious ones, which keeps the same style, other than Doraemon or Super Mario (Super Mario-kun),……? For those who are interested in Japanese history, why don’t you give it a try?
Super Mario (Super Mario-kun)
How did you like it? There are many Manga, where you can enjoy the worldview of Osomatsu-San, other than anime!
Why don’t you review everything through Manga too, before the Fall Anime starts in October??

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