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Time Paradox Ghostwriter
Vol. 1

This is a story about a boy, Sasaki Teppei. Every week, “an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future” pops out of his microwave.
Sasaki Teppei, wanting to be a manga artist, is currently 24 years old.
He works at Weekly Shonen Jump but all his drafts get rejected by his editor for being too boring. (He is good enough to be awarded for the rookies, though) His latest draft again gets rejected as always but it suddenly comes up to his mind and he says to the editor, “I’ll compete a 47-page manga by tomorrow”.
Since it’s a special day for him, which is his birthday, he has created the most interesting manga……, ending up being rejected again. He is even commented by the editor, “It’s not like Sasaki Teppei’s work”. Not only that comment, he has also received some bad ones such as having no originality, not being eccentric and individual.
Being super shocked by his editor’s comments, he looks back on the days he has passed. He’s suffered so much but has overcome to become a manga artist…… No matter how much people around him have worried about him, he has kept creating his manga.
However, Teppei is trying to give up on becoming a manga artist if he is able to put his thought “wanting to quit” into words.
And he is actually starting to say that, when lightning strikes his house. Due to the lightning, “something” pops out of his microwave.
Guess what? It’s an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future……!
He is highly impressed by a debuting series called “White Knight” in that issue. Influenced by that title, he has compeleted a one-shot manga and it gets finally accepted by his editor and even published in the magazine!
Finally, Teppei debuts as a manga artist.
However, something happens simultaneously. A manga artist girl, currently working on “White Knight”, recognizes her own character being written by another author……!!
She becomes angry at this “theft” at her work (“White Knight”)……!!
This episode 1 went viral and now vol.1 of Time Paradox Ghostwrite is being released!! We might think that this is a successful story for Teppei…… But it will turn into something ridiculous after episode 2…… I mean it’s actually a ‘controversial story’!
Time Paradox Ghostwriter


The “future version”, starting from vol. 42, depicts what happens after Hinata and his buddies graduate from high school.
It depicts how various characters grow, and focuses on current Hinata.
After graduating from high school, he, alone, studies abroad. While playing as a beach volleyball player, he finally comes back to Japan in Vol. 44……!
Haikyuu!! came to an end on July 20th, 2020. Vol. 44 is not the final episode but it’s going to be a must volume to be able to enjoy the final episode, Vol. 45! So don’t miss it out!
Manga Set

Himesama “Goumon” no Jikan desu

There is a conflict between the Demon Load and the Kingdom.
While they are keenly fighting, the Deomon Load is able to capture and lock up the magical sword, which can talk to a princess of the Kingdom.
The Demon Load begins to “torture” the princess to find out the secret of Kingdom being so strong……!!
The Demon Load ruthlessly splits the fresh bread in front of her……!! The sweet smell and the sound that stirs the imagination from the split bread fills the whole prison and drives her crazy……!!
Seeing the princess never yield to that, the Demon Load moves on to another torture. Guess what? He dips the bread to a beef stew on the plate and jams it into his mouth in front of her.
She finally gives up and exposes the secret of the Kingdom. The Demon Load asserts that the princess who has exposed the secret is “no longer in use.”
So, they feed her a lot of toast.
But! The secret the princess has revealed was just a part of everything…… So the Demon Load still continues to torture her to intensify their team!
It’s not serious at all! No grotesque elements either! The vol. 3 of such a peaceful torture gag manga is now being released!!
Himesama “Goumon” no Jikan desu

Kyaba Jou to Himo Neko

It’s a cute story about a super girl who is known to be a cash cow at a male host bar, and her cat which the girl spends all her earned money for…… !!
In Japan, we call a male who never works, expecting money from his partner (a woman), ‘Himo’. But this one here (her cat) is a cute one, begging for money, though……!! Surprisingly, the cat can even go into the Pachinko (a Japanese gambling place) with no problem, and the girl always keeps putting money in the kitty’s purse too……!!
This is just an unbelievable life of a human and a cat! They are too cute! It’s a four-panel gag manga so it would be good to study Japanese with too! Let’s learn Japanese lazy men, while feeling relaxed by the kitty!
Kyaba Jou to Himo Neko

Vol. 6

given has been completed with five volumes and another chapter has begun. In vol. 5, the relationship between Haruki and Akihiko has “settled”.
(※No more details because they might be spoilers to the movie!)
The movie has once been postponed but it’s now scheduled to release in August! I guess when its Season 2 is made into anime, the story continues from the content of the vol. 6. Various loves created by four band men will gradually be changed as they grow up……!
Manga Set

The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want to Die, so She Decided to Cross-Dress
Vol. 1

Speaking of a “villainess” of the Japanese light novels…… it’s the main protagonist of now-hot “Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta…… (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!)”, Gatarina Claes, who is a villain in the otome game world, where she ends up facing utter doom in every ending! (Season 2 Anime is announced to be produced! Congrats!)
The protagonist of this manga is reincarnated into the “villainess” too……!
Usually in the otome game world, if this happens, she ends up having a “death while suffering” or an “instant death”. As long as the main protagonist is a villainess, she can never get rid of the fate of death……!!
Then why don’t I live as a cross dresser (dress like men) ?????
The main protagonist, who realized that she was reincarnated to the otome game world when little, has decided to live as a “men character” not as the “villainess” as the scenario says! The main protagonist assumes that there won’t be any love flags that she will have to avoid but……
The love flags pop out and happen to her brother-in-law who is so kind that he supports her, knowing what’s going on to her, the prince, who she was supposed to get married to, and even to the heroine or rival chara in the game…… Yeah…… her becoming a cross dresser might have caused the love frags to happen……!?
Her becoming a cross dresser eventually worked negatively and the love flags popped out to various good-looking chara or the heroine!! It’s a new-type ‘villainess’ series!!
The image is super pretty too! Most of the characters who appear in this title are good-looking and pretty so I’m expecting this to be animated in the near future……!
The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want to Die, so She Decided to Cross-Dress
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