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What is Arknights?

Developed in China and popular worldwide, the social game Arknights is set on a planet where various races coexist. Some are similar to humans, while others have animal ears on their heads.
However, one day, a certain type of ore is discovered on this planet where these various races live.
The newly discovered ore brings both 'fortune' and 'disaster' to the inhabitants of the planet.
The ore contains such a high level of energy that it is irreplaceable within the planet. However, it also gives people an 'incurable disease' when utilized.
Those infected with this 'incurable disease' gradually crystallize, ultimately leading to death.
Furthermore, the bodies of these infected individuals turn into new ore crystals, leading to more infections. Consequently, people with this 'incurable disease' are discriminated against worldwide.
In the game of Arknights, it portrays the efforts of a pharmaceutical company, Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Inc., which strives for the treatment and cure of this disease, while working to resolve the conflicts arising from racial and infected discrimination worldwide.
The player (the protagonist) in the world of Arknights is called the 'Doctor'.
The 'Doctor' is an extremely important figure in Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Inc., but had lost their memory for some reason and was in cryosleep until the game starts.
The person who awakens the Doctor from this cryosleep is a girl named Amiya, who is also a member of Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Inc.
Amiya is the CEO of Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Inc., and she herself is also afflicted with the incurable disease.
The objective of the game is for the player to work with Amiya, who awakened them, as part of Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical Inc. They strive to resolve conflicts around the world and uncover the secrets hidden in the special ore.
Comic Anthology is a type of manga work that can be read in an a la carte format, featuring only manga produced under official supervision and adhering to official settings and characters.
Each volume contains multiple manga works, allowing readers to enjoy various sub-stories in different styles of manga. Therefore, it's more recommended for those who already know about Arknights and want to enjoy its world even more, rather than those who are new to it.
The content varies, from fairly serious stories to humorous gag manga. There are volumes ranging from 1 to 7, but none of the stories are continuous, so you can enjoy them starting from any volume.
Arknights Comic Anthology

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