Recommended Yuri Manga【Doukyuusei no Oshi Sakka ni Yuri Mousou ga Bareta Kekka】A Passionate Yuri Fan and Writer's Interaction! A School Yuri Comedy Begins!


Synopsis and Highlights

Hello everyone! Today, I'd like to introduce a manga that portrays the interaction between a yuri-loving high school girl and a popular author. Let's dive into the world of schoolgirl yuri comedy!
The story revolves around a transfer student named Juli Saionji, a passionate yuri fan who is particularly obsessed with her favorite author, Hiromi Tachibana. In a twist of fate, Juli accidentally drops her precious yuri novel, only for Hiromi herself to pick it up!
Moved by Juli's passionate comments, Hiromi becomes intrigued by her love for the stories. As a result, Hiromi proposes that Juli teach her about yuri. Initially hesitant, Juli agrees when Hiromi suggests that she write two short stories about her favorite girls as a condition.
And so, the exchange between Juli and Hiromi begins. Will their relationship evolve from fan and author to friends, or perhaps something more? There's also a sense of anticipation as other female characters enter their lives, creating a web of peculiar relationships.
This work offers a delightful schoolgirl yuri comedy filled with laughter and heart-fluttering moments, as the passionate Juli and talented author Hiromi interact. As you get captivated by Juli's enthusiasm and Hiromi's charm, you won't be able to take your eyes off the development of their relationship and the dynamics with the other women around them.
For yuri enthusiasts, this work is definitely a must-read! Why not join Juli and Hiromi's journey of connection and immerse yourself in the world of schoolgirl yuri comedy? Exciting times await you!
The final volume, Volume 4, of this series was released yesterday. Be sure to check it out!
Doukyuusei no Oshi Sakka ni Yuri Mousou ga Bareta Kekka vol.4
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