【Kawaii Kouhai Ni Iwasaretai】A Heartwarming Rom-Com Filled with Cute and Flirty Moments!"


Synopsis and Highlights

Hello everyone! Today, I'd like to introduce you to an intriguing new romantic comedy manga titled Kawaii Kouhai Ni Iwasaretai. This story revolves around Moriyama-chan, an adorable underclassman who wants to make her senior, Yasu-kun, say “I want to be lovey-dovey with you! It's a heart-fluttering and charming romantic comedy that will keep you hooked!
The charm of this manga lies in Moriyama-chan's expressionless face and her easily flustered nature. Nozu-kun, being an ordinary senior, remains oblivious to her feelings. The dynamic between these two characters and Moriyama-chan's provocative actions will surely make readers laugh. The irresistible combination of Moriyama-chan's adorable contradictions and Nozu-kun's confusion creates a delightful and subtle chemistry that will make your heart skip a beat!
As the story progresses, the evolving relationship between the characters and Moriyama-chan's tantalizing behavior will keep you excited and captivated.
Kawaii Kouhai Ni Iwasaretai is a heartwarming manga filled with delightful moments. It's highly recommended for those who want to immerse themselves in a warm and fuzzy atmosphere!
Kawaii Kouhai Ni Iwasaretai Volume 5 will be released tomorrow! Be sure to check it out.
Kawaii Kouhai Ni Iwasaretai vol.5

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