【Angou Gakuen No Iroha (Cipher Academy)】Nisio Ishin-Sensei, the genius who created “Bakemonogatari” and “Medaka Box,” has released a new work! It is a crypto-battle manga!

Hi, everyone! It’s Hana from Manga Republic!
This is sudden, but do you have any recent personal booms?
It's not just a boom for me, but puzzles are all the rage among the Manga Republic team right now! The other day, one of our team members was making puzzles during his lunch break!
Many people probably enjoy puzzles that they can do in their free time. Recently, “escape games,” in which players escape from a certain place by solving puzzles or deciphering codes, have become popular in Japan! I have also tried my hand at an escape game just recently!
In the midst of this mystery-solving boom, a cryptic battle manga based on the original story by Nishio Ishin Sensei, creator of “Bakemonogatari,” is being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump! The title of the manga is......
Angou Gakuen No Iroha
(Cipher Academy)
【Angou Gakuen No Iroha (Cipher Academy)】
Speaking of Nisio Ishin-Sensei's Jump works, “Medaka Box,” another school story, was also popular.
Medaka Box
Angou Gakuen No Iroha (Cipher Academy) is also a very worthwhile read with lots of word play, which is one of the best parts of Nisio Isin-Sensei’s work.
Okay, then! Let's see what kind of story it is!

Angou Gakuen No Iroha (Cipher Academy)

I got into a crazy school......!!!

Irohazaka Iroha was feeling hopeless as soon as he entered high school.
He enrolled at the cipher academy.
It is a special academy that trains students specialized in cryptanalysis, which has been newly established to deal with the next world war.
“Self-introduction crossword”
Iroha was absolutely flabbergasted by the words on the handout he received on his first day at school
“I've never done crossword puzzles before......and this is an old game from the high-growth period!”
However, the students around him filled in the crossword in the blink of an eye.
In the midst of all this, I heard this voice from behind Iroha.
“I'm done.”
It was Toshusai Kyora who quietly raised her hand and declared.
She is the heiress of a weapons manufacturer that makes everything but nuclear weapons.
“What a beauty......”
Iroha was stunned by Kyora's beauty. And the assignment in front of him never ends.
Iroha ended up staying in the library after school to finish the assignment, and was overwhelmed by the tremendous curriculum of the cipher academy and the difficulty of the assignment.
Then, suddenly, the door to the library opens and......
“Hide me!!!”
One girl came to Iroha with an urgent look on her face, asking for help.
She identifies herself as “Horagatouge Kogoe,” and Iroha quickly hides Kogoe behind himself.
And who followed Kogoe to Iroha was......
Toshusai Kyora.
She tries to ask Iroha where Kogoe is, but finds a blank assignment on his desk.
After Kyora leaves, Kogoe gives Iroha a pair of glasses of her own making to thank Iroha for her help.
She says, “You'll look smarter with these on.”
Kogoe left the library.
Iroha put on the glasses left by Kogoe and faced the cryptography assignment again.
The next day.
In the hallway, a self-introductory crossword assignments are posted by the new students.
Of course, Iroha's is also there.
Kyora gets Iroha's crossword and approaches him.
“Irohazaka Iroha-kun.”
“Can you come with me, please?”
“Did you receive anything from Kogoe?”
“Tell me. We're friends, aren't we?”
Kyora, along with her cronies, tried to extract information about Kogoe from Iroha, as if to intimidate him. Iroha, however, defies her.
“I will not be friends with anyone who threatens me with numbers or violence!”
Iroha insisted that the crossword was his own creation and that he did not receive anything from Kogoe or have her help him with it.
Kyora offered him a homemade cipher and said, “This is a ciphertext that indicates who is here.
“It's a ciphertext that indicates who is present here. Try to decipher it. ”
“You can crack it, can't you? If you're cornered at the last minute, you can do it. On your own.”
Iroha said to Kyora, who opened her threats.
“Um...... may I put on my glasses?”
Iroha put on the glasses he received from Kogoe and once again gazed at the ciphertext created by Kyora. Then, just like yesterday, the cipher seen through the lenses of the glasses appeared to glow......!
The latest work from the genius Nisio Isin Sensei! This is the end of the commentary for the first episode!
Who does the cipher text indicate? Why is Kyora after Kogoe? And what will happen to Iroha?
It is the amazing ability of Nisio Isin Sensei to create a worldview that draws you in so much in just one episode!
Angou Gakuen No Iroha (Cipher Academy), currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, has two volumes of comics currently on sale! If you are interested in the rest of the story, please read it!
Angou Gakuen No Iroha
(Cipher Academy)
Manga Republic also carries other works written by Nisio Isin-Sensei! If you are interested in his other works, you should check them out as well!
Medaka Box
Okay! That is all for this issue, I will see you in the next article! Bye!!

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