Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen, the main character loves good looking boys!! Unknown hot influencer who seemed to be in the same high school was about to be kicked out from school!! To be able to see his good looking face daily at school, a girl will try ha

Hi everyone! It’s Hana from Manga Republic!
Do you have any specific genre of manga that you are really into now? Or is there any manga that you are addicted to now?
To be honest, I am addicted to shoujo manga these days!!! I haven’t read shoujo manga much before, but a friend of mine recommended I read a shoujo manga, and it made me start reading shoujo manga a lot. This is the manga I got into!!
Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen
It is “Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen”!!!
The author, Anzai Karin-Sensei, serialized her manga in Hana to Yume magazine since her debut work. “Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen” was a super popular series in Hana to Yume and is called “KaoSuki” for short.
All the girls are cuties and the boys are hotties in the story! Anyways, the manga is famous for its Beautiful drawings!
When I first looked at a manga “Mao'S Boarding School” in Hana to Yume magazine in 2019, I thought the drawings were beautiful and was wondering who the manga artist was. The same author released Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen, and I actually picked it up and read it. Yes, I fell in love with the drawings, all the boys are cool and girls are cute in addition to its interesting story!!
Today, I want to introduce the outline of Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen, AKA, KaoSuki!!

Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen

“Face...... sooooooooo cute!!!!”
The main character, Chiken Sana, is in first grade in Minowa Sougou high school. Her hobby is to find as many good looking guys as possible on social networking. She likes to just look at their face and relax.
She found a hottie.
Ugou Kanato was a top recommendation.
He is not a celebrity or anything, just a normal high school student.
However, because of his looks, his pictures taken by chance or for any other reason on social media buzzed in a second. He is an unknown and unintentional influencer.
One day, Kanato’s picture was on the official page of Minowa Sougou High School’s social media.
“Kanato-senpai’s picture should be there more often!!”
An excited Sana sent a direct message to her school’s official account.
“I am in the first grade. Great work on social media! I support your work!”
She sent this so that they would upload Kanato’s picture more often on their account.
She was very happy to see Kanato-senpai’s picture on the screen.
Then, she got a reply to the direct message from the school she just sent.
“Can you see me?”
It seemed like someone from the high school tried to reply to the direct message Sana just sent. But the reply is extremely slow and the person seemed not that tech savvy. The person does not seem to know much about social media. Sana tried to teach the person how to use social media service by using the direct message function. It took a whole night!!
Minowa Sougou High School is located on top of a hill. It was not easy for Sana, who did not sleep much last night, to go up the hill, but looking at Kanato’s picture on her phone increased her energy!
“He seemed to be in the second grade in this high school, but I have never seen him for real yet.”
“Someday, I want to see him......”
She was thinking of Kanato and walking to her locker at the same time.
Wow! Ugou Kanato is there!!! Her most recommended good looking guy on social media is there! Just in front of her own locker!!
“Chiken Sana・・・・”
He looked at the name tag on the locker and then looked at Sana.
Next, he mumbled her account name on social media, Sana_L_face.
“Are you the one from the official account of this school???”
Yes, he was the person who Sana taught how to use social media account overnight. The good looking guy, Ugou Kanato, was the person who Sana talked to by chatting on the account.
“Can you come?”
Kanato took Sana’s arm and brought her to the back door.
Sana felt
“God loves him like crazy......”
Sana was taking pictures of him unconsciously. Kanato explained his situation to Sana.
He skipped classes too many times and repeated a year again. His attendance is bad again this year, and he may have to leave the school. In order to not leave the school, he has to administer the school’s official social media account and achieve the goal of having a hundred thousand followers. Since he has no idea about social media and technology, he is looking for a person who can do it on behalf of him.
“I don’t mind to leave this school, but I should show I’m doing a bit......”
He had low motivation. Sana was surprised and sad.
“That means I won’t be able to see your face any more???”
Sana was telling him honestly that she loves a good looking person.
“I was told “What you have is only your face.” This is what people tell me the most.”
“Do you still like me?”
Sana felt Kanato as real person. He was just an image on a screen before, but now he is a human being!
Sana replied.
“I am so excited to know you!!”
“How can you do this excitement?”
Kanato found someone who tries to deal with him seriously for the first time. He decided to earn the followers on the social media account with Sana.
To take a picture of Kanato, Sana has to get close to him. He was sometimes flirting with Sana, and she was swayed by him.
“No, No I won’t fall in love with someone just for the face!!!”
Twisted prince, Ugou Kanato and Chiken Sana who only likes good looking boys.
Kanato is playing with Sana. How does Sana feel? Is it really......?
He is hot!
Good looking for sure!
I also like good looking boys, I sympathized with Sana a lot when I read this manga. You can laugh and feel your heart ache! The story development is speedy. It is a highly recommended manga!
We have Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen comic books, Hana to Yume magazine that currently serialized in, and many other Anzai Karin-Sensei’s manga at Manga Republic!
Please check it out very soon!!
Kaodake ja Suki ni Narimasen
Hana to Yume
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