Feedback of Episode 23 of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen, by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!

Hi guys! It’s Hana from Manga Republic!
Let me share my feedback of the latest episode of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen this week too!!
The latest episode, Episode 23, was Fushiguro’s episode!!! It’s all about his past and an unexpected relationship with that person……?
Here’s my feedback of Episode 22, which aired last week!
Feedback of Episode 22 of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen, by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!
All right then…… What was the best part about Episode 23??
All about Fushiguro!!!
Aaand that technique too……?
Itadori, Fushiguro and Kugisaki are dealing with the Yasohachi-bashi Curse.
Fushiguro and Kugisaki defeat the curse one after another, as if they were playing whack-a-mole. And they even overwhelm the mysterious enemies who invaded the domain, created by the curses.
However, Kugisaki was forcefully taken out of the barrier by the mysterious arms which also invaded that domain. Itadori, then, follows the arms and Kugisaki outside of the barrier.
Fushiguro feels weird that Yasohachi-bashi Curse is easier to defeat than he expected. Then he wonders why this curse starts to kill all the victims in this timing.
He is shocked and realizes that cursed victims began dying in June, the same month Yuji incarnated Sukuna, by swallowing its finger.
Making a weird sound…… a special grade finger bearer shows up in front of Fushiguro. It’s identical to the one he ran away from at the Detention Center.
Fushiguro, then, realizes that Sukuna releasing his cursed energy has caused all of his fingers to resonate, awakening the bridge curse which had hidden one of the fingers.
The finger bearer knocks Fushiguro back into a stone wall and he momentarily falls unconscious. Then Fushiguro recalls training with Gojo sensei right after the Goodwill event.
Gojo said to Fushiguro, encouraging him, ‘You will be all alone when you die no matter how many people you are with.’ ‘Put your all into it. Be greedier.’ Recalling what he said to him, Fushiguro shouts, ‘I’ll do it!!’ And……
Fushiguro, Domain expansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fushiguro is able to bring forth the deepest shadows and surpass his limits in the domain, where he summons and controls Shikigami from his own shadow!
He controls Shikigami one after another while creating his figure with the shadow, ending up overwhelming the curses.
After the domain is destroyed, Fushiguro gives the curses the final blow and retrieves Sukuna’s finger, ending up falling down, lack of curse power.
And he recalls his junior high school days.
Fushiguro didn’t like bad people while he didn’t like good people, either, back then. He and his sister Tsumiki are not biologically siblings. That was when Gojo stepped in and had the school support Fushiguro and his sister instead of having Fushiguro being sold off into the Zenin Family, which was his father’s side, on the condition that Fushiguro will be a sorcerer in the future.
Fushiguro would make fun of Tsumiki, thinking of her as a hypocrite, seeing her scold him very seriously every time he hurt someone. Once he started to work as a sorcerer, trying to choose who he saves, he started to realize that Tsumiki was choosing him to worry about and scold me.
Fushiguro said ‘I’m sorry. I apologize. So wake up already, stupid sister.’
I couldn’t watch this scene without crying……!!!!!! I love Fushiguro sibling’s story so much so……
Meanwhile, Kugisaki and Itadori are in the battle outside of the barrier.
Kugisaki, noticing that Fushiguro has retrieved Sukuna’s finger, thinks that she will defeat the one in front of her as soon as possible and go back to Fushiguro to retrieve but……
What the enemy wants seems Sukuna’s finger……
Now Itadori is there with Kugisaki and the battle of Itadori & Kugisaki versus two curses starts!!
We’ll finally have the final episode next week!!!!!!!!! What’s gonna be the result of the battle like? What’s gonna happen next? Can’t wait!!!!
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And here is my feedback of Episode 1 to 22! For those who feel behind Jujutsu Kaisen’s boom, check out the previous articles too!
Jujutsu Kaisen Articles by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!
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