How to request item!

We will explain about the kind of “request” here!


When you would like to request an item, which is not shown in Manga Republic but other website(s).


1.What you can request

Everything is okay as long as it is available for the Japanese online shopping and it can be shipped by air!


2.What you need when you request

URL where the item is shown (Ex.Toranoana,Surugaya,Mandarake,Amazon,etc…)

*If you don’t know the URL, please let us know the item’s writer, the title or the picture, instead!

Your email address

※The more detailed the information you give us, the more helpful we will be to find the one!※


3.Before you request

Before you request your desired item, we recommend that you should search for it in Manga Republic website once again.

In case it might be updated and you can find it...!(You can search for the desired item in Japanese as well!)

Go to Search page!


When you would like to request an item sold via Japanese auction


1.How to request

What you need when you request an item sold via Japanese auction are as below.

The auction’s URL which the item is shown

Your desired bid price

Your email address


2.About the bid price

Please submit to us the maximum price you are willing to bid at the auction!
We will set it up and process it through the system called “Automatic Bid” based on your request until it is a successful bid.


■What is the Automatic Bid?

  This is the automatic bid system which, automatically, can be repeatedly bid by 10 - 250 yen(depends on auction price), competing with other bidders so that we can reach the successful bid for as cheap a cost as possible to your budget.  It also saves us time bidding repeatedly.


3.About the sales price

We can sell the item as Proxy auction for the bid price and the cost to you.  This cost differs according to the auction item’s size or weight or quantity. (Ex. Manga: +2000~3000JPY)


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