Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi). Now-HOT “Kabaddi”!? Sports Manga, Now Going Viral!!

Hello everybody. If there’s anything I know about the sports, ‘Kabaddi,’…… I guess it’s the one, where the players say ‘Kabaddi’ repeatedly while playing…… I’m Manga Republic’s Boss.
Hello everybody! If there’s anything I know about the sports, ‘Kabaddi,’…… I just know it by its name! It’s Saori from Manga Republic!
Meaning you know nothing about it, huh?
That’s correct. But like I said, we often hear the name, though…… It’s kind of like unknown sports. We don’t know how many players are required or what kind of tool they need……
So today! We’ll be featuring a series, whose theme is one of the sports, ‘Kabaddi’! Its anime adaptation is scheduled to premiere in April 2021!

【Spring 2021 Anime】
Get To Know What “Kabaddi” Is Through This Sports Anime!
Let’s Learn it from “Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi)”!

What Is Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi)?

It’s a manga series, which has been serialized in “MangaONE” app since 2015. An anime television series adaptation is set to premiere in April 2021.
The author is Musashino Hajime-Sensei, who has been awarded from the manga contest hosted by Shougakkan in two consecutive years, 2013-2014. Since 2015, his work “Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi)” started to be serialized. In the past event, this author himself has participated in “Kabaddi” and even competed with his fans.
Oki—dokey…… Then let’s take a look at the outline!

Outline of Burning Kabaddi (Shakunetsu Kabaddi)!

The main protagonist, Yoigoshi Tatsuya, is a junior high student, is a “genius” soccer player.
However, the coach persistently blames on his mistakes, the magazine editors features him regardless of whether it’s true or not, and even his teammates are mean to him, being jealous about him.
When he enters high school, he quits soccer. He now judges that not just the soccer but the sports in general seems “stupid” and tries not to get involved with any sports.
However, Tatsuya is already so famous at school that many sports club has asked him to join their clubs. Tatsuya, who has been refusing everything, one day, encounters Azumichi Souma, who is a member of the “Kabaddi” club.
He scouts him so persistently that Tatsuya tries to kick him out but Tatsuya just cannot shake him off. Tatsuya figures out that he cannot turn down his solicit, feeling Souma’s super strong tunk and lower body, and decides to leave the room with Souma so he can talk with Souma’s Senpai to turn it down.
On the way to Senpai’s place, Tatsuya, who doesn’t know about the sports, “Kabaddi”, asks Souma what it is like. Tatsuya says in Japan, it’s not known but if anything, it’s a strange sports, where the players play, while saying “Kabaddi” repeatedly.
Souma strongly objects what Tatsuya says.
“‘Kabaddi’ is a team sports which doesn’t require any tools, unlike other sports. We compete with our own bodies…… It’s the sports full of passion!!”
Tatsuya makes fun of Souma in his mind, thinking that it’s stupid of him to speak that passionately about just the sports……
However, as soon as Tatsuya enters the gym, he becomes speechless.
He sees two well-built boy students doing such a powerful training. It’s not what Tatsuya has been imagnied. It’s a hand-to-hand battle, which is not even close to the sports.
Tatsuya tries to join the training, anyhow.
As he sees them carefully putting the mat, he asks Souma what the “Kabaddi” is once again.
Souma explains “Simply put, the ‘Kabaddi’ is a ‘tag’.”
And he continues.
  • “Kabaddi” is a turn-based sports.
  • It consists of the offense team and the defense team.
  • The defense team’s territory is the half of the court.
  • The offense team gets a point when they touch the defense team’s player. The number of the players that they touch becomes their points.
“The half of the court is too small for the defense team. It’s too unfair…… I bet the offense team has some kind of handicap.”
Tatsuya asks him. That’s right. While the offense team is in the defense team’s court, they have to keep shouting ‘Kabaddi’ without inhaling between strokes.
And the best part of the Kabaddi is after they touch the defense team’s bodies.
There is a condition to get a point. The offense team’s player has to come back to their territory safely after touching them. In short, even if the player of the defense team is touched, they can interfere the offense team so they cannot go back to their territory.
The offence team cannot get any points unless they can go back to their territory without being interfered.
The defense team will lose lots of points if they misjudge the timing when the players of the offense team go back to their territory.
The Kabaddi is a sport which requires such negotiation and the physical strength without any tools to win.
Now Tatsuya joins the actual training.
As this is still a practice, they makes a special rule, where the defense team cannot interfere the offense team to go back to their territories. It looks like just a simple tag in the court but…… Tatsuya notices that the offense team is trying to get all the players in one place, leading them to the escape route on purpose.
They will lose so many points being touched unless they keep thinking about where to escape to or how other members will move next. Since they can’t be interfered to go back, it’s important to try not to be touched. This sports definitely requires the brain besides the physical strength. Tatsuya realizes it for the first time by actually playing it in the court.
Since he understands the rules, he now tries to compete in the game.
It’s an one on one game. First to two points.
Now the defense team is able to interfere the offense team who is trying to go back to their territory. Plus, they add a penalty, where the offense team loses one point if they are interfered and cannot make it to their territory. (If any part of their body is in their territory, they don’t lose one point.)
Tatsuya thinks.
What matters in the Kabaddi is the “attack range (reach).”
If the reach is long, they won’t lose any points since their bodies can at least in their court even if they are interfered.
Tatsuya has great reflexes and judgement from the experience of the soccer.
Plus his height is over 185cm (6’08’’). There’s no reason why he will lose points from Souma, who is slower than him.
Taking an advantage of his swift attack, he gets one point easily. Then he becomes the defense player. As a defense player, he interferes Souma’s return, giving a penalty, and gets another point.
That’s what he is supposed to do……
Guess what? Souma, with a super strong lower body, is able to return to his territory, dragging Tatsuya, who is clinging to Souma. On top of that, Tatsuya is touched by Souma by tackling him, ending up giving him one point.
“I’m glad that you came to me to touch! You’re so fast that I might not be able to touch you, right?”
Souma, already realizing that he cannot beat him when it come to the speed, actually gets the point, taking advantage of his physial strength.
From this match, Tatsuya changes how he understands about this sports.
The Kabaddi is actually a “martial art.”
The judgment, the teamwork, the negotiation and the physical strength…… Without depending on the tools, they fight in the court psychologically.
This sport requires every potential that we have, the bodies, the brains…… This is the sports, Kabaddi……!!
Wow! I didn’t know what’s good about this sport but now I know Kabaddi is profound!
I actually watched the official match after I understood the rules so I enjoyed how they negotiated with each other~!! It’s very simple but profound at the same time! I’m sure there will be more people like us, who get to know how interesting the Kabaddi is after it airs in April!
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Alright! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article!

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