【Love Comedy】The Biggest Scale EVER!? Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo, Dating with100 Girls!!

Hi guys! It’s Saori from Manga Republic!!
Here’s a question for you! How many heroines do you think usually appear in the love story?
Aaand hello everybody. I’m Manga Republic’s Boss.
Well~…… I guess it’s two……? Oh, wait a minute…… The recent Japanese manga’s love stories tend to have more heroines, I guess. So. I should say three? Five is too many to me.
So! The Manga title which we’ll be featuring today is the one with the biggest scale ever in the love comedy history!? I’m sharing an extreme love comedy, where he dates with 100 girls!

【Love Comedy】The Biggest Scale EVER!?
A Special Number for Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo, Dating with100 Girls!!


What Is Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo?

It’s a love comedy series, serialized in Weekly Young Jump, since the end of 2019.
Even though the manga artist, Nakamura Rihito, has just debuted, this series already started to be serialized, even rated so high, in that it focuses on a love story with his extreme gag sense.
Wow, he’s just debuted, huh? I will definitely root for him!
Yeah, it just started to be serialized but it’s already getting so much attentions by many people! It’s been so popular that it has got awarded as 2nd place from the manga contest, called Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020, where manga, which will potentially become popular in 2020, become the winners!!
【Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020】Here Are the Results! 10 Manga To Read NOW!
Wow! That many people rated it so high, huh? Then I want to know what kind of story it is too!

Outline of Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo!

The main protagonist is Aijou Rentarou, who is about to graduate from junior high school. And this is the moment when he’s left disappointed so badly, being dumped by a girl.
He experienced 100 heartbreaks during junior high. He has absolutely no luck when it comes to having a romantic relationship with girls, even though his friends say he looks alright, he’s popular among other students, he looks clean and tidy, and his personality is good…… He’s quite normal that at least one girl should come to like him……
Even after 100 heartbreaks, Rentarou never gives up. Being mentally hurt, he finally visits a shrine to pray, which is known for the God of matchmaking.
He goes, “I wish I’ll get a girlfriend in high school and have a happy school life……!”
Surprisingly, he hears the voice; “You’ll be fine!”
Looking at where the voice comes,
Scary…… There, he sees a strange-looking old man.
The old man calls himself “the God of Love” and gives him an advice.
“You will meet 100 fated girls at high school!”
100 girls…… That’s too many…… Usually the fated girl should be one, no?
(According to the old man, Rentarou has had no luck with girlfriends up until junior high because he’s destined to have this huge luck, where he can have 100 fated girls.)
Rentarou thinks there’s something fishy here but tries to be positive, thinking it’s much better than having “no” fatal girl.
Here comes the entrance ceremony.
When he is heading for his classroom after the ceremony is over……
He bumps into two cute girls at the corner of the hallway! Surprisingly, all of these three feel a spark between them when they see each other!!
As he was advised by a strange man, these two might be “two of my fatal girls out of 100”.
However, not knowing such a thing, these girls start to get closer to him, thinking “I might have a crush on him……!?”
Even though these girls really want to get along with Rentarou, it doesn’t work well, being so clumsy. They even show him “love is blind” mode, not knowing what to do. So Rentarou cannot help but tease them.
And guess what? These girls ask Rentarou for a date on that very day!
What a turn of events it is! And what’s more? They are both cute and so attractive. Knowing it’s such a luxurious worry for him, Rentarou asks them to give him some time, not being able to say yes or no right away……
And again, he decides to go back to the shrine to see that weird old man again. There, Rentarou hears an unbelievable fact from him.
It’s that Rentarou used to have only one fatal girl at first, however, the number “one” accidentally became “100” since he was working on his job while watching a movie.
And the fatal girls who Rentarou doesn’t choose, will be out of his fixed fatal girls and will face various accidents and end up dying.
In other words, if Rentarou chooses one, the rest of the 99 girls will suffer from various accidents and end up dying miserably.
Rentarou is a very honest man. Even if he has just met, he doesn’t want those girls, who have crush on him, to have unhappy lives……
Then, can’t I just date with both of them……!?
Rentarou realizes that that option is very unfair.
However, he doesn’t want either one of them to die by choosing one. He keeps thinking what to do…… He doesn’t want anybody to die. He can’t compromise that part.
Rentarou finally asks both of the girls for a date, even bowing to them, knowing that he might be despised by them.
Not knowing what’s going on in him, the two girls understand that Rentarou is very desperate and he has made that decision for them.
Then the two girls accept that they go out with him.
“If you can’t make us happy, we will never forgive you, okay?”
This is how Rentarou starts to date with two girls (luckily)…… However, he still has 98 more fated girls…… Is Rentarou able to make all the 100 girls happy……!?
Wow~!! I’m so curious about what’s gonna happen to the rest of the 98 girls! What will the final episode be like……??
I want this to be serialized until all the 100 girls become happy! I can’t wait for the final episode in a good way!
As for its comics, vol.3 will soon be released! The biggest scale love comedy in the world EVER! Why don’t you guys give it a try??
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Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo

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