【Shonen Jump】Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards Winner! Undead×Battle×Action!! Undead Unluck!

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The Manga title that we’ll be featuring today is…… YES! The one which will soon go viral! Why? Because this title became the winner of Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020!
【Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020】
Here Are the Results! 10 Manga To Read NOW!
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Actually, I’ve been curious about this title too because it was awarded the brilliant 1st place in the printed manga category of Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020, which got quite a lot of entries!
Already! Then let’s take a look together! The manga title we’re featuring today is…… THIS!

【Shonen Jump】Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards Winner! Undead×Battle×Action!! Undead Unluck!


What Is Undead Unluck?

It’s a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by manga artist, Tozuka Yoshifumi. It has been serialized in Shonen Jump since 2020. As of now, when only two volumes of its comic have been released, it’s been featured by so many fans due to its setting and interesting characters.
It became the winner in Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020 the other day and it’s expected to become even more popular, developed by various media too.
Anyways, this title will surely go viral!! What kind of story is it…… Let’s take a look at the outline!!

Outline of Undead Unluck!

“Alright then, now that I read through the final episode of my favorite manga, it’s about time to finish my life too!”
Then Fuko tries to commit a suicide, jumping from the roof of the building.
While the crowds are trying to get closer to her to stop her, she keeps them away, holding a knife with her hand, saying that they will die by unknown disease if they touch her body.
Meanwhile, a man from the crowds comes towards her without hesitation.
When Fuko is looking away, he comes to her to purposely get stabbed by her, and touches her skin! While he’s saying “I’ve recently getting into a rut, committing suicide so I can’t wait to see how I will die!”, as if he is looking forward to dying……
“It’s gonna come…… Unluck is coming to you……!!”
As soon as Fuko says that, “only” his feet fall down and “accidentally” gets hit by the train that is running right below them. Actually, Fuko has a trait, where “she gives those who touch her body Unluck”. Since she doesn’t like such a destiny, she has always wanted to commit a suicide, lying that she has another disease……
Being stunned, Fuko sees only a face of the man who has just got hit by the train!!
However, his body is being “reproduced” and before they notice, his body gets back to normal! He is extremely curious about Fuko’s “Unluck trait” and asks her how that trait has started to work.
It was when she was 8 years old, when she noticed her Unluck trait. It started when her parents, who were about to leave for the work trip to overseas, they gave her a hug.
The airplane, which her parents (who just gave her a sweet hug) rode with 270 passengers, was crushed and all the passengers died within an hour after it departed.
The man comes up with what she has just said to him.
“Then if anyone gives you a hug, touching most part of your body, they will be able to die with the biggest Unluck, huh?”
Right after the man gave her a dynamic hug, he got hit by the air freight, full of bananas, which “accidentally” fell down from the airplane, and completely smashed.
However…… she was not able to kill him.
Fuko, who is now trying to run away from there, unfortunately is slipped by the banana and falls down to the ground from the roof of the building, which is douzens of meters apart.
At that moment, the man jumps from the roof and catches Fuko.
“There’s no way I can let you go…… You have the power of giving me death.”
According to his assumption, there should be another rule, where they can get Unluck other than by touching her body or hugging her. If he is able to discover and investigate that more deeply, he might be able to die, getting the biggest Unluck. Then he makes her go to his hideout with him!
There are two men from an organization, wearing all in black, following the two……
The organization calls them the 【deniers】 of “Luck” and “Death” and is trying to catch and take them away to somewhere……?
Mmm…… I got it!
You will see more secrets about this black suits organization and Fuko’s “other conditions of releasing her Unluck”! Since vol.3 of the comics has just been released, you can still catch up!
Now Vol. 3 (the Latest) Just Released!! Check HERE for Undead Unluck!!
Manga Set
Undead Unluck
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