【Best Physical Manga Recommendations】These SIX !! The Hottest Manga, Releasing on Aug 16th ~ 31st!


Tokyo 卍 Revengers
Vol. 19

It’s a NOW-HOT title, being scheduled to release a play, a live-action movie and anime in 2021!
It’s a story about a boy, who acquires the ability of “Time Leap”. There, he gradually tries to change the future, repeatedly traveling through time to the past, to save his ex-girl friend (from high school days), who will be killed in the future!
I just gave you a quick outline because we’ll be featuring this title in the near future! This will surely be going viral in 2021! In the latest volume, vol.19, he finally sees a hope, where he can make it, repeatedly doing “Time Leap”, but……!! It’s the latest volume of a now-hot title, where the story focuses not on the past but on the future!
Manga Set
Tokyo 卍 Revengers
Tokyo 卍 Revengers

Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
Vol. 3

This is one of the most featured titles, which has been awarded the 2nd place in “print manga category” of “Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards!
It’s voted online and one of the best love comedies, which all the manga lovers in Japan recommend!
【Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards 2020】Here Are the Results! 10 Manga To Read NOW!
This one, as well, we’ll feature in the article so I’ll give you a quick outline!
The article will be updated this week so check it out!
The main protagonist, Rentarou, tries the 100th love confession on the day of his junior high school’s graduation ceremony.
Of course, he didn’t make it. What she said to him is “No special reason”. Like this, Rentarou has been dumped with no special reasons since born.
One day, when he visits the shrine which is known for a god of a marriage, the god who calls himself a god of a marriage, gives him an advice. “The reason why you have been dumped is because you are destined to be super popular when you become a high school boy!”
As he says, he is asked for a date by two girls on the day of the entrance ceremony at high school!
Feeling happy, Rentarou doesn’t know how he replies to them.
Again, he visits the shrine to see the god of a marriage…… he hesitantly says to him.
“Actually, you have 100 ‘destinies’ and…… if you choose one out of them……”
What kind of crazy thing is gonna happen to Rentarou, who kept being dumped……!? You’ll see what’s gonna happen in the special number of the article!
Manga Set
Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo

Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo

“Men are always superficial while women are always cunning and being hurt……”
It’s a human drama with a theme real love by women living in the modern world.
‘In reality, nobody can help us out, like we always see in manga or fairy tales. I’m the only one who can change myself.’
It’s a story about women who live strongly, while feeling desperate by the ruthless world. We have featured this title in the previous article too! Since this is a short omnibus type series, you can casually read the story from any volume, which is one of the attractive things about this title!
Best Physical Manga Recommendatios
These FIVE! The Hottest Manga, Releasing on May 16th ~ 31st!
Manga Set
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo

Shuumatsu no Walküre
Vol. 8

It’s been 7,000,000 years since the human-beings were created. All the gods have decided to end the world after they discussed in the “human’s destiny meeting”, which is taken place once every 1000 years, seeing all the humans never improve.
However, someone stopped the decision by the gods. She is a sister of Walküre, named Brunhild.
Brunhild suggests that the gods should do the final battle against the humans to decide human’s destiny. However, most of the gods have already agreed with perishing the humans. When the gods are about to say there’s no need to have such an option, Brunhild shouts:
“Our greatest Gods, you’re perishing human-beings even without fighting against them……? Well…… are you guys scared of them?
Smiling wryly, all the gods laugh out loud, echoing through the room.
The greatest Gods easily respond to Brunhild’s provocation and have decided to fight against them 13 times, to perish the humans.
For the god side, the heroes from the myth are chosen. For the human side, great people in history are chosen. And they become the representatives of each side.
Lü Bu, Jack the Ripper.
Poseidon, Zeus…… Various heroes get together and fight it out.
The fourth match is now. Who will be selected in the latest volume, vol.8……?
It’s a staple battle fantasy, where gods and human fight against each other for human’s destiny! How will all the well-known great men be depicted? It’s one of the most featured titles!
Manga Set
Shuumatsu no Walküre
Shuumatsu no Walküre

Furare Girl

The main protagonist, Akasaka Hibiki, is a 3rd-year high school girl, who is mature, never looking like her actual age.
Growing up, her nickname was “Marilyn Monroe”. She knew that 80% of the men, who talked to her, were watching her breasts while talking. The ex-boyfriend, who she had been dating with until recently, finally dumped her, saying, “I get a heartburn from how sexy you are”.
One day, a boy student, asks her for a date.
“Will you…… will you be my lover???????”
“My lover, huh?” Hibiki has to say that aloud.
The boy is a 3rd-year student, named Aoyama Daichi.
“A hard working boy!” is the perfect words to describe him. He is so pure that he collects tons of “four-leave clovers” and gives them to her as a present. (She’s glad, though.)
However, Hibiki has to turn him down because she still cannot forget about her ex-boyfriend.
Turned down, Daichi responds to her:
“That means, you can date with me if you forget about your ex-boyfriend?”
Hibiki, who thinks that he’s crazily too positive, looks at Daichi, looking happy being with her. ‘Daichi always does his best, tries to get closer to me and finally feels happy from the bottom of his heart, being able to talk to me……’
‘He’s weird.’
Hibiki feels a little happy, being controlled by Daichi’s super positive attitude.
That’s how this super positive and sexy love comedy by mature Hibiki and a little childish Daichi, starts.
It’s a little cute love comedy, where they attract with each other with her sexiness and his innocent personality! Is Daichi-Kun able to make it with Hibiki-San……!?
Manga Set
Furare Girl
Furare Girl

Ore ga BL Manga no Heroine Nante Ariene!
Vol. 1

The main protagonist, Fukunari Akihisa, is an editor, working at the magazine editorial department.
A couple years ago, the department started to issue a BL magazine and he loves BL magazines. Unlike his cool looking face, he has been trying super hard working there as if he devoted all his life to the BL magazines, issued by the department.
One day, something lovely happens to Akihisa.
The god of BL gives him the ability, where “he can see (hear) the speech bubbles (the narration) of the BL manga,” as a reward for him always trying hard!
More specifically,
“My name is Shibasaki Kento. I’m an editor of BL magazines. And this is…… the sub-editor chief, Fukunari Akihisa-San! He’s my sweetheart, whom I’ve been in one-sided love with for 17 years. He looks cool since I first met him…… And he loves to read books and…… super dull. Well, that’s one of his attractions, though.”
Like that, he has come to be able to hear (see) the narration (the speech bubbles of BL manga)!!
It’s an invasion of privacy, huh? But the problem here is his colleague has been in love with him for 17 years……!? That means even before he entered this company? Never being conscious, Akihisa (37 years old) will be involved with typical issues in BL love comedy……!!
Wow, such a crazy BL manga was released, huh……? Even though Akihisa loves BL manga, he has never thought of becoming the heroine of the BL manga! What kind of relationship is he gonna have with Shibasaki-Kun……!?
Ore ga BL Manga no Heroine Nante Ariene!
Aright! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article!

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