Hot Picks Alert: Must-Read Manga Releases This Week! [6/17 (Mon) – 6/23 (Sun)]

Hello, manga lovers! Welcome back to your go-to spot for all things manga. This week, we're excited to showcase the newest and most captivating manga releases straight from Japan. Our handpicked selection will introduce you to the latest must-reads, offering a unique glimpse into the rich world of Japanese storytelling. Dive into our blog and uncover your next favorite manga today!

New Comic Release Scheduled for 6/17/2024

Gachi Akuta vol.11

Edens Zero vol.32

Mokushiroku no Yonkishi vol.17

To Your Eternity vol.22

Banjou no Orion vol.2

Mayonaka Heart Tune vol.4

New Comic Release Scheduled for 6/18/2024

Tonikaku Kawaii vol.28

You Are Double-O Eight vol.32

Last Karte Houjuuigakusha Touma Kenshou no Kioku vol.10

Ogami Tsumiki to Kinichijou. vol.2

New Comic Release Scheduled for 6/19/2024

Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray vol.15

Diamond no Kouzai vol.6

Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda Gohoubi Selection

Kimiiro x Liver vol.3

New Comic Release Scheduled for 6/20/2024

Akatsuki no Yona vol.44

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses vol.12 [Special Edition]

Tamon-kun Ima Docchi!? vol.8 [Special Edition]

Dungeon no Naka Hito vol.5

Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai!? vol.7

New Comic Release Scheduled for 6/21/2024

Vinland Saga vol.28

Historie vol.12

Dekin no Mogura vol.7

Reiwa no Dara-san vol.4

Solo Leveling vol.17
Thanks for joining us again on our exploration of the latest manga releases. We hope you’ve found something that ignites your interest and deepens your love for manga.
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