【ON/OFF Rom-Com!?】 The Idol I Love Is Actually a Super Shy Boy! Which Side of Him Do You Like More, the Idol or the Shy Boy? Tamon-kun Ima Docchi!?

Kinoshita Utage, a high school student, is a huge fan of Fukuhara Tamon-kun from the popular idol group “F/ACE.” Utage is captivated by his charm and dedicates his daily life to supporting him. One day, Utage's new housekeeping job turns out to be at Tamon-kun's house! With high expectations, Utage discovers a completely different side of Tamon-kun, who is gloomy and introverted, unlike his dazzling idol persona.
On stage, Tamon-kun exudes a sexy and wild charm, but in private, he has low self-esteem and often makes negative comments. Witnessing this, Utage vows to support both “Positive Fukuhara-san” (idol mode) and “Negative Fukuhara-san” (off mode) with all her might. Utage continues to be his fan while balancing her job, deciding to cherish both sides of him.
As Utage supports the busy Tamon-kun, she gets more opportunities to see him in his off mode. While helping with meals and cleaning, she also becomes his emotional support and gradually becomes charmed by his true self and private side. As the handshake event for F/ACE's CD release approaches, Utage's feelings grow even stronger.
However, Tamon-kun refuses to attend the handshake event, even expressing a desire to retire and live in Alaska. He is afraid of his true self being revealed to his fans. Utage persuades him and they work together on image training for the event. Will Utage be able to support Tamon-kun's heart and lead him to success at the handshake event?
The biggest charm of this work is the gap between the characters. On the surface, Tamon-kun is a sexy and wild idol, but in private, he is negative and introverted. The contrast is so striking that you can't miss any side of him. Readers will surely find themselves muttering, “My favorite is so precious......”
You can't overlook Utage's otaku mindset and vocabulary either. Unique expressions are sprinkled throughout, drawing readers in. Utage's passion and pure feelings resonate, and many readers will empathize with her as fellow otaku.
This work is full of heart-fluttering moments typical of a romantic comedy, as well as scenes where you can relate to the gap moe and otaku mindset. You can enjoy watching how the relationship between Utage and Tamon-kun develops and how they grow. Both the real, negative introvert and the dazzling idol side of Tamon-kun will make you fall in love with him.
“Tamon-kun Ima Docchi!?” is a rom-com recommended for all otaku living for their favorite idols. The gap between the characters, the protagonist's passion, and the humor-filled story will surely draw you in. Read this work to reaffirm your love and passion for your own idol activities and enjoy it even more!
Tamon-kun Ima Docchi!?

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