【Kimi to Uchuu wo Aruku Tame ni】 Numerous manga awards won. And the convincing responses it receives, a story of harsh reality and friendship drawn by two high school students.

“Kimi to Uchuu wo Aruku Tame ni” is a story about how the everyday life of Kobayashi Yamato, a typical delinquent who can't keep up with studies or part-time jobs, changes dramatically. The arrival of Uno Keisuke, a unique boy in his class, breathes new life into Kobayashi's world. Although Uno initially seems awkward and eccentric, his “Tether,” a notebook filled with coping strategies, sparks their friendship.
This story depicts how the two protagonists, sharing the common hardship of “not being able to do ordinary things,” support each other and grow. Kobayashi is inspired by Uno's way of living and strives to change himself. Throughout the process, they encounter their own barriers, but Uno's positive approach to overcoming difficulties greatly influences Kobayashi.
As a reader, this manga makes you realize how much a single encounter can change a person's life. Notably, it won the Cartoon Grand Prize 2024, and an interview with the author following this achievement aired, deepening understanding of the work. Characters drawn from the personal experiences of the author, Doronota-sensei, speak naturally to readers and evoke empathy.
“Kimi to Uchuu wo Aruku Tame ni” is not just a coming-of-age manga, but a work that resonates with the feeling of “not being normal” and empowers overcoming it. The theme of developmental disorders is delicately handled, allowing readers not only to understand but to feel empathy through their own experiences. This manga provides courage to face loneliness and difficulties not only for the youth but for many others.
Kimi to Uchuu wo Aruku Tame ni

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