【Minikui Yuukaku no Ko】 A lonely orphaned girl decides to live in a fantasy world she stumbles into. A love story set in a fantasy world!

Esora, a high school girl orphaned and alone. One day, her life takes an unexpected turn. Awakening from a collapse at a shrine, she finds herself in a different world reminiscent of Japan's historical pleasure districts. Bought by Sagami, the master of Yukaku “Sagamiya”, her destiny changes drastically. Given a new mission, she is to become the top Oiran in this world. Moved by her first words of gratitude, she begins to find her place in this strange world.
“Minikui Yukaku no Ko” is not just another otherworldly reincarnation tale. Esora's growth and the harsh realities she faces deeply move readers. As she adapts to life in Yukaku, readers too are drawn into this unique world. Esora finds self-worth in the gratitude of her clients, and she builds her sought-after place as an Oiran.
The charm of this work lies in its fantastical world and the profound portrayal of the characters' emotions. Despite Esora's harsh fate, her strength and purity strike a chord. In particular, the resemblance of the high-rise Yukaku to a bathhouse and the mystical Tanabata scenes evoke the ambiance of the film “Spirited Away”. Additionally, the delicate distance and faint affection between Esora and Sagami add depth to the story.
“Minikui Yuukaku no Ko” is beloved by many readers for its beautiful visuals and empathetic storytelling. Watch Esora grow and see what she grasps through her life in Yukaku. Please pay attention to the conclusion.
Minikui Yuukaku no Ko

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