【Kagurabachi vol.2】Two individuals who respect the same person yet hold conflicting views! The long-awaited second volume featuring a head-on battle between Chihiro and Sojo records a smash hit in Japan!

“The demon blade exists to take the lives of others.” Two people who respect the same person but have completely opposite opinions! Chihiro and Sojo, their fierce confrontation is depicted!
In a world where demon blades exist, no one could surpass the great swordsmith who forged these demon blades. The life of Chihiro, a boy raised by such a swordsmith father, is suddenly turned upside down when his father is killed, and his greatest masterpiece, the demon blade, is stolen. Chihiro, now robbed of everything, grows up to live for “revenge.”
In the second volume, the battle with Genichi Sojo, an arms dealer who possesses one of the six swords left by Chihiro's father, is depicted! They have mutual respect for each other, however......
Volume 1 includes chapters 1 through 8, and starting from chapter 9 in Volume 2, the head-on battle between Chihiro and Sojo truly begins! As bearers of the same demon blade, the sight of them dueling to the death and the battle scenes are spectacular......!
A highlight of Volume 2 is the character of the villain, Genichi Sojo! Like Chihiro, he fights with a demon blade and respects Chihiro's father who created the demon blade, yet he holds the belief that a demon blade truly comes alive only by taking human lives. That is Genichi Sojo!
In Volume 1, there was a bit more explanation of the world and the positions of the characters, wasn't there? In Volume 2, we see what actually happens when the two key holders of the demon blades in such a world fight, and how characters other than Chihiro view the demon blades, delving deeper into these aspects!
Sojo, who deeply respects the demon blade created by Chihiro's father as a “tool for killing,” operates in the shadows under this belief. Chihiro fights to deny Sojo, a being who harbors feelings that contradict his own convictions...... but Sojo's strength is genuine! The battle scenes between the two skilled wielders of demon blades are truly impressive!
The pace of inclusion is quite fast! Volume 2 includes chapters 9 to 18, and you absolutely cannot miss it! Personally, there's a reason you can't miss not just Volume 2, but also Volume 1 of Kagurabachi: the number of stories included is quite high! Having 18 chapters in Volume 2 is quite rare, or rather, too many! Volume 1 includes chapters 1 to 8, and Volume 2 concludes with chapter 18 involving Chihiro and Sojo. Normally, 18 chapters would span 3 or 4 volumes, but Kagurabachi is crammed into just two volumes! You might get left behind if you skip anything! By all means, do not miss Kagurabachi vol.2, which might just be getting an anime adaptation next year given the strong hints!
Kagurabachi vol.2

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