【Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me】 A bittersweet love story and sprinkled mysteries highly praised! Redoing from the perspective of the third round, the truth behind my lover's death!

Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me is a poignant yet beautiful story of the heroine Oriana, who turns back time to try again to save her beloved, and her ex-lover Vincent, who doesn't remember their past. This manga unfolds around the theme of time leap and pure love, set in the Largen Magic School. Readers will be moved by their deep bond and the strength to face fate.
The story begins where happy days come to an end due to an unexpected death. Vincent turns back time to his childhood in an attempt to rebuild his relationship with Oriana, who has no memory of the past. This reversal of roles presents a fresh and intriguing development for readers. Their efforts and challenges symbolize the arduous journey of life in a magic school.
As a reflection, the beauty of this manga lies not only in the beauty of its detailed artwork but also in the deep emotions of the story. The process through which the lovers meet again and love each other deeply shakes the reader's heart. In particular, Oriana's bright and cheerful personality and her unwavering love for Vincent, despite the challenges she faces, show her constant determination to protect him. Moreover, even as they reunite, the misunderstandings and emotional distance caused by their past memories add a layer of poignancy and complexity to the story.
As a reader, what is felt is the deep emotional expression of the story and the delicate, complex depiction of human relationships. The relationship between Oriana and Vincent is sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, portraying a realistic romance. Moreover, the supporting characters are also attractive, and their stories further enrich the depth of this manga.
Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me is not just another isekai or time leap story. As a tale of deep love and re-challenge, it evokes a plethora of emotions in readers. This manga teaches the courage to stand up again and again for a loved one and the strength to face fate. It warms the heart, and at times, may bring tears, but all these elements craft the charm of the story. Please experience this moving story along with its beautiful artwork.
Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me

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