【BORUTO】The 2nd chapter is finally serialized! BORUTO TWO BLUE VORTEX, depicting the fugitive life of BORUTO branded as a “traitor”, begins publication!

In “BORUTO TWO BLUE VORTEX”, the roles of Boruto and Kawaki drastically change. Once pursued by former allies as enemies, Boruto becomes a fugitive from the Hidden Leaf Village, branded a traitor for allegedly killing Naruto. This epic story resumes with Boruto's return to the Leaf Village after three years, backed by the formidable power he inherited from his mentor Sasuke.
“BORUTO TWO BLUE VORTEX” is the story following the 20th volume of “BORUTO-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”, entering the young adult saga. With Boruto and Kawaki's roles reversed and only a few knowing the truth, Boruto decides to return to the village with Sasuke. However, his return brings new turmoil to the village.
As the Hidden Leaf Village is ambushed by enemies, the grown-up Sarada and others desperately respond. Boruto's arrival changes everything. Facing Code and his claw-bearing Akatsuki, Boruto overwhelms with his new technique, “Rasengan Uzuhiko”. However, the battle takes an unexpected turn with Kawaki's intervention.
Under the new subtitle, “BORUTO TWO BLUE VORTEX” progresses to a new chapter. The grown-up appearance of Boruto offers a fresh surprise to readers. The beauty of Sarada, who has grown over three years, stands out, and the matured characters unique to the youth edition are charming. With the introduction of new enemies, the story unfolds more dynamically than ever, and Boruto's new adventures are highly anticipated.
The opening of the new chapter of “BORUTO TWO BLUE VORTEX,” with the grown characters and the arrival of new enemies, breathes new life into the story. Boruto's new techniques, Sarada's beauty, and the growth of the characters draw readers into a new narrative. The anticipation for future developments is mounting, making it impossible to take your eyes off the adventures that lie ahead in the new chapter.

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