【Samurai x Fantasy】 A surviving samurai ends up in another world for some reason!? The strongest girl seeks the place where she will meet her end! The popular samurai isekai fantasy, Isekai Samurai, is now available!

“Isekai Samurai” tells the story of Ginko Tsukitogi, the strongest swordsman of the Sengoku period, who seeks a place to die. Her wish is to fall in battle against a worthy opponent. However, her wish is not granted, and instead, she is transported to another world, where she throws herself into battle against true formidable foes. This work depicts the soul and battles of a samurai beyond time, presenting a new fantasy world to the readers.
In the other world, Ginko battles dragons and demons, her swordsmanship overwhelming even in that world. Amidst this, Ginko meets Sister Luu and her disciple Miko at an orphanage and undertakes the challenge of slaying a basilisk to save Luu. This story is not just another tale of unmatched prowess in another world; it's also a journey where a girl, strong enough to lose sight of the meaning of life, finds new bonds and purposes.
“Isekai Samurai” occupies a unique position among otherworldly transfer stories, with a samurai from the Sengoku period as its protagonist. Ginko's character, with her adorable appearance and the sternness of a warrior inside, creates an appealing contrast. Her actions and thoughts in the other world vividly reflect the samurai's way of life.
The story unfolds with Ginko's encounters and battles against various characters and demons in the other world, where her values as a “samurai” are put to the test. In particular, meeting characters like Luu and Miko gives Ginko a new sense of purpose in her battles.
“Isekai Samurai” portrays the theme of otherworldly transfer from a fresh perspective. Ginko's adventures overturn the norms of otherworldly tales, blending the soul of a Sengoku period warrior with fantasy in a unique story. The vividness of the illustrations and the good pacing of the story add to the charm of this work.
“Isekai Samurai” offers readers a new experience through its innovative approach of combining a Sengoku period samurai with otherworldly fantasy. The gap between Ginko's inner and outer selves, along with the new bonds and purposes she finds in another world, set this work apart from typical otherworldly transfer stories. “Isekai Samurai” can be considered a work that explores new possibilities in otherworldly fantasy.
Isekai Samurai

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