【Tower Dungeon】The Latest Work from the Author of “Knights of Sidonia”! To the Dungeon to Rescue the Captured Princess!

“Tower Dungeon” is a dungeon attack fantasy by Tsutomu Nihei, famous for “Knights of Sidonia,” set against the backdrop of a murdered king, a kidnapped princess, and the mysterious giant structure “Dragon Tower” that descended from the sky.
In this story, the adventure of the royal guards ascending the Dragon Tower to save the princess is depicted. However, their path is obstructed by merciless, powerful monsters. And a young farmer joins the battle to replace the wounded...... What will become of “him”?
“Tower Dungeon” is not just any fantasy manga. Tsutomu Nihei's unique worldview and settings distinguish this story from others. The use of elevation differences in backgrounds and angles adds depth and a unique atmosphere to the story. Unique kanji terms and vivid depictions of monsters, while subdued, firmly establish their presence.
The greatest appeal of this work is how it refreshes the classic fantasy of rescuing the captured princess with Tsutomu Nihei's unique flavoring. Creepy enemies, relentless attacks, and an indomitable spirit. These elements of classic fantasy, combined with unique buildings and character designs, offer readers a new experience. The sparse explanations sometimes make the story more mysterious, with the wealth of information conveyed through the artwork supporting the narrative.
“Tower Dungeon” does not end as just another dungeon conquest story. The narrative accelerates when a young farmer, who started as a porter, begins to exhibit unknown powers. This ordinary young man's tale of growth raises great expectations among readers. Furthermore, uniquely disturbing creatures like the slime and dragons reminiscent of decaying giants add color to the story.
“Tower Dungeon” is a sword and magic fantasy manga by Tsutomu Nihei, flavoring classic fantasy with a unique worldview. Unique backgrounds, character designs, and unpredictable developments form the allure of this manga. Readers will be drawn into a deep story that goes beyond just another dungeon conquest narrative.
Tower Dungeon

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