Nationwide Publishers' Recommended Comics of 2024

“Hotaru no Yomeiri (Firefly Wedding)“ has brilliantly clinched the top spot in the “Nationwide Bookstore Employees' Recommended Comics of 2024.” In conjunction with this, the results of the “Nationwide Publishers' Recommended Comics of 2024,” which was carried out as a spin-off project, were also simultaneously announced.
The “Nationwide Publishers' Recommended Comics of 2024” solicited responses from comic editors across various publishing houses for their picks of “irritatingly good but captivating works from other publishers” via a survey, and the results were tallied.
In addition to the top 5 ranked works, we'll also be featuring 5 noteworthy picks that didn't make it into the rankings. Let's start by checking out the top-ranked works on the list!

Nationwide Publishers' Recommended Comics of 2024

1st Place
Kanda Gokura-chou Shokunin-Banashi

2nd Place
Dragon and Chameleon (Ryuu to Cameleon)

3rd Place
Isekai de Ane ni Namae wo Ubawaremashita

4th Place
Koiseyo Mayakashi Tenshi-Domo (Fall in Love False Angels)

5th Place
Heiwa no Kuni no Shimazaki e

Next up, we'll introduce five works that comic editors from various publishing houses are keeping an eye on!

1st Pick
Onee-Chan no Midori-Kun

2nd Pick
Kimi no Yokogao wo Miteita (I See Your Face, Turned Away)

3rd Pick
Battuta-sensei no Gourmet Unnight

4th Pick
Akuyaku Reijou no Naka no Hito

5th Pick
Ani datta Mono

What did you think of this ranking? It's fascinating to see a ranking compiled based on votes from comic editors! Be sure to check out these works and enjoy your manga life~"

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