【Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara】 The long-awaited sequel depicting 30 years after the masterpiece is here!

“Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara” is a sequel to Koi Ikeno's masterpiece “Tokimeki Tonight,” a grand romantic fantasy set in the demon world and modern Japan.
This story revolves around the love and growth of Ranze and Narumi, depicting Narumi's adventures with her mysterious powers born from the flowers of the demon world. The sequel narrates “what happens next” for them, focusing on the exploits of Ranze and Makabe Shun's child, Aira.
Now in her forties, Ranze's life has shifted from her past adventures to a peaceful existence. However, new troubles await in her tranquil life. Readers witness the enduring love between Ranze and Makabe Shun, and their new adventures across the human and demon worlds. The story deepens and becomes more enjoyable as it portrays the growth of the family.
Reader feedback highlights the enduring charm of Ranze and Makabe Shun's characters, even as they age. The long-beloved characters have matured, exuding new appeal. Additionally, the author's artistic talent is praised, notably maintaining high quality despite the series' long run.
“Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara” is a beloved work among both new and long-time fans. The start of this new series brings joy, linking memories of first encounters with the excitement of the present. The series delivers timeless romance anew through the fresh adventures of its aged characters.
“Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara” is a story of love and adventure set in the demon world and modern Japan. It features the love of Ranze and Makabe Shun, now in their forties, the growth of their family, and their response to new troubles. The undiminished charm of its characters and high-quality storytelling continue to attract both new and long-standing fans. For readers, this new series represents a reunion with a memorable work and the start of new adventures.
Tokimeki Tonight Sorekara

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