【Renai Daikou】That Character from “Oshi no Ko” Appears!? A New Romantic Comedy by the Creator of “Oshi no Ko”!

“Renai Daikou” is the story of Mari Maria Winter=Nanase, set in the unique Private Aoshiba High School. She's the center of attention in the academy due to her overwhelming beauty and perfection. However, Mari has an unexpected weakness: she's not good at talking with men. Raised in a sheltered environment, she has almost no experience speaking with males. The story begins when she finds an advertisement for “Love Proxy” in the library one day.
Mari contracts with “Love Proxy” to close the gap between her and a boy she's interested in, Masaya Seki. This new frontier of romantic comedy is opened by Akasaka Aka. The collaboration between Akasaka Aka of “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” and the rising star of web manga, Nishizawa 5mm, offers readers a fresh take on romance! Will Nanase's plan to make love blossom through a love proxy be successful......? The struggles of the love-challenged Nanase are simply entertaining!
Akasaka Aka's sharp storytelling and Nishizawa 5mm's charming illustrations beautifully merge together.
The concept of “Love Proxy,” following Akasaka's themes of housekeeping and retirement proxies, is innovative and captivating. The way the story ends and the differentiation of the characters provide an unpredictable excitement.
Nishizawa's manga is notable for its cuteness and skillfulness. Especially, the main female characters are drawn attractively, each adding color to the story. Additionally, male characters and unique characters like Pon-kun, a tanuki mascot assisting with the love proxy, are important elements of the narrative.
This work portrays thrilling romantic psychological battles among complex characters. The compelling story woven by the talented duo of the original creator and illustrator increases immersion with each read. Unpredictable developments draw readers to the next page. Interestingly, a character who appeared in “Oshi no Ko” also makes a guest appearance, creating a buzz!
This manga, with its unique theme of proxying love, captivates with its good pacing and deep storyline. It's not just full of comedy; there are also parts that hint at Akasaka's characteristic darkness, as shown in “Oshi no Ko,” making it intriguing to follow!
Renai Daikou

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