【Gekikou Kamen!】What Dwells Within the Members of the “Hollow” Special Effects Team: Good or Evil......?

The protagonist, 29-year-old Jissoji Futari, leads a unique part-time life far removed from the ordinary. Triggered by the death of his old friend and key figure in the special effects art research society, Kiri Michinori, Futari begins to secretly undertake certain actions to fulfill an unexpected last will. Readers join Jissoji and his comrades as they don the unique hero suits “Geki Light Outfits” and partake in a grand ritual to fulfill Kiri's final wish, undaunted by danger.
This work is not just another special effects hero manga. It focuses on the theme of special effects art, offering readers a new perspective. The slim physique of the protagonist Jissoji exudes both eeriness and beauty, drawing readers into its unique world so much that even after closing the first volume, one cannot predict where the story will lead.
Jissoji's way of life, filled with intense passion internally, contrasts with the emptiness of his external life. His fervor, seemingly insane at first glance, is meticulously organized by his unique theories, making it completely rational and profoundly human in his world. His intense passions, while potentially destructive, convey an indescribable beauty to the reader.
Jissoji possesses a certain precariousness, unable to adapt to the real world. This disquiet can be felt in his words and actions, keeping the reader on an unstable boundary. This is undoubtedly the indescribable charm emitted by his presence.
The above is a summary and my thoughts on the manga “Gekikou Kamen.” Why not step into this mysterious and beautiful world of special effects yourself?
Gekikou Kamen

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