【Kizumono no Hanayome】The Popular Cinderella Tale Blending Japanese Aesthetics and Fantasy!

Once upon a time, within the five ranked Onmyoji families, there was a heroine named Nanao who lived as a jack-of-all-trades for the Shirakawa-ji family. Her fate began to unfold when she was forced to wear a monkey mask and was shunned as a 'damaged good'.
Nanao's misfortune began with a trap set by her cousin, Akemi. Nanao, who was promised as the betrothed to the next family head, has her life turned upside down over a single hairpin incident. Led by Akemi to cross a forbidden barrier, Nanao is captured by an ayakashi who makes its home beyond, and she is branded with a mystical mark. With this scar, she loses everything. Akemi, among others, scornfully rejects Nanao, now marked by the ayakashi's magic, and Akemi takes her place as the fiancée to the next family head.
Thus treated like a servant and subjected to near-abuse, Nanao's life became one of hardship. However, one day, a young man named Yagyo-sama appears before Nanao...... This meeting would set her fate, once marred by wounds, onto a significantly different course.
The relationship between Nanase and Yagyou-san begins with a deep understanding and empathy for the scars of their past. Between them, there are heartwarming interactions, at times humorous, and at times thrilling scenes that captivate the readers. This love story is spun from the healing of both their wounds, weaving a true bond.
Initially mired in suffering and oppression, Nanase changes upon meeting Yagyou-san, regaining her inherent strength and beauty. As the story progresses, despite being frustrated by the persistence of her former fiancé, one cannot help but feel refreshed by the scenes where Nanase boldly expresses her emotions. Her transformation surely inspires courage in many readers.
'The Bride of Wounds' is not merely a Japanese-style romance. It is a story of deep bonds and growth between those who bear scars. Nanase's journey leaves a strong impression on the readers' hearts, instilling belief in the power to bloom beautifully from wounds. Woven within are not just tales of sorrow, but beautiful stories of love and growth.
Kizumono no Hanayome

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