【Vivy - Fluorite Eye's Song】SF×AI! Comic adaptation of the 2021 animated masterpiece themed around “singing”!


What is Vivy's mission in the realm of ideal and real AI, as an autonomous AI?

In 'Niraland,' an AI paradise, Vivy, the world's first autonomous humanoid AI, is pursuing her assigned mission of 'singing.' She dreams of delivering heartfelt songs to people and someday standing on a grand stage like no one has ever seen. However, the path is not straightforward.
One day, Matsumoto, a messenger from the future, appears, and Vivy's fate takes a dramatic turn. Matsumoto's mission is to alter history to prevent a war between AI and humans 100 years from now. So how will Vivy face this monumental destiny?

Experience the animated story in a more profound way through the manga! A storyline that delves into the mysteries and charms of the narrative!

At first glance, the buddy relationship between the emotionally-rich AI Vivy and the calm Matsumoto seems contradictory. However, as their sense of duty and values intersect, watching their bond and growth is extremely captivating. Especially touching is how Vivy wavers between her role as a songstress and the fate-changing mission she carries for the future.
Even as a fan of the original anime, the manga version has its own unique appeal. The depth in conversations between Vivy and Matsumoto, as well as the emotional changes evident in the characters' facial expressions, offer a unique and enjoyable experience. Particularly, the manga goes the extra mile to simplify elements like communication that may be difficult to understand in regular comics, making it very reader-friendly.
'Vivy - Fluorite Eye's Song' is a work that makes you think about the future of AI, emotions, and missions. While the anime is excellent, the manga offers a depth and expression unique to the medium. I can't take my eyes off what's to come!
Vivy - Fluorite Eye's Song

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