【Sekai Saikyou no Majo, Hajimemashita】The Tale of a Girl Who Acquired the Unfairly Powerful Skill Called “Internet”!


The little witch acquired an astonishing skill! Its name is...... 'Internet'!?

In a certain other world, the protagonist of the story is a girl named Rōna who was born with an SSS-rank skill that was deemed the 'weakest'.
Everything was written on the 'Internet'.
Thanks to this skill that has everything written on it, from how to mass-produce valuable items to obtaining ultra-rare equipment, she can do whatever she wants in this other world. Everything from what has value to what will be focused on in the future is all there.
And so, she declares, 'From now on, I intend to live freely!' The curtain rises on Rōna's delightful and exciting adventure, making full use of the Internet.

The fact that she can access the Internet!? A fresh and captivating comedy element in this otherworldly fantasy.

While there are numerous works that incorporate elements of other worlds, skills, and games, the success of the comedy in this piece is particularly noteworthy.
The sense of speed in the story progression achieved by using walkthrough sites, along with the occasional internet slang, captures the hearts of RPG fans.
Within this, readers are looking forward to how Rōna, the girl who gained freedom, will continue her journey in the next volume.
I felt that this work, with its innovative settings and story development, is a masterpiece good enough to be adapted into an anime.
The main character, Roona's, kind yet slightly naive personality is also a point of interest as to how it will develop in the future.
This light and happy work has become a heartwarming presence for readers as well.
I highly recommend this work as one that brings a fresh breeze into the genre of isekai fantasy.
While expressing my gratitude to the author, I am looking forward to the sequels.
Sekai Saikyou no Majo, Hajimemashita: Watashidake 'Kouryaku Site' wo Mireru Sekai de Jiyuu ni Ikimasu

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