【Dekin no Mogura】A Horror Comedy Depicting the Unusual Daily Life of Mogura, a Man Banished from the Afterlife!


Introduction to the Mysterious Setting: Drawer Street

The manga introduced this time is set in a secret location in modern Tokyo, featuring a mysterious story called 'Dekin no Mogura' that blends horror and comedy. The protagonist is Mogura, a mysterious figure who claims to be a hermit and has been 'banned from the afterlife.'
Mogura is an unusual character who insists he comes from the afterlife. Skilled in creating counterfeit ukiyo-e and archery, he may have existed since ancient times. His very existence triggers various occult phenomena in this story.
Coincidental Encounter and Mysterious Changes
University students Maki and Yaeko happen to meet Mogura and find themselves wandering into the Drawer Street where he lives. As a result, they gain the ability to see spirits. Furthermore, mysterious characters start appearing around them, and their daily life takes an unpredictable turn.

What Does 'Seeing Spirits' Mean? A Freshly Conceived Comedy That's Both Spooky and Funny!

The story focuses on various troubles and incidents that occur as Maki and Yaeko interact with spirits and Mogura. At the same time, the human relationships among the characters also become intricately entangled, revealing each person's past and background.
Deep Reading Recommended! What Does 'Being Able to See' Mean?
In this story, the phenomenon of 'seeing spirits' is not simply portrayed as a supernatural ability. The reason why Maki and Yaeko are able to 'see,' or rather 'notice,' spirits is because they met Mogura and entered the street where he lives, called “Hikidashi Street”.
People who cannot see spirits are not necessarily lacking a special ability. According to this manga, those who can see spirits are 'people who have become aware.'
'Dekin no Mogura' is not just an occult comedy; it's a deep story. The intricately crafted setting and captivating characters have the power to draw readers in. In particular, the character-building skill of the author, Eguchi Natsumi, is a marvel, and once you read it, you'll be completely absorbed in the world. Through this work, you're made to think about the meaning and value of 'seeing' things that are usually invisible or unnoticed. It's a highly recommended read, so please give it a try!
Dekin no Mogura

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