【Kikazaru Hina wa mada Koi wo Shiranai】: A Youthful BL Tale of Romance and Growth, Centered around an Introverted Cross-dressing Cosplayer

Today, I would like to introduce the heartwarming BL manga Kikazaru Hina wa mada Koi wo Shiranai


The story revolves around protagonist, Keita Hinami, who is socially awkward and an otaku. Keita secretly engages in cross-dressing cosplay, and during his first event, he coincidentally encounters the popular classmate, Satoru Urushibara!
Keita's cross-dressing hobby gets exposed to his classmates, causing him to feel despair. However, Urushibara surprises him by saying, “Can you spare a moment?” and leads Keita to the restroom......! To Keita's amazement, Urushibara not only accepts his cross-dressing but also helps adjust his cosplay outfit and even applies makeup for him! It turns out Urushibara has an older sister who is experienced in costume making and makeup, making him not only handsome but also skilled in cosmetics!
This encounter brings significant changes to Keita's previously friendless and mundane life!


Witnessing Keita's transformation into an increasingly adorable character under Urushibara's guidance is truly delightful. The jealousy displayed by Urushibara as others notice Keita's cuteness adds an extra charm to the story. Their relationship starts as friends and gradually evolves, with both of their hearts undergoing changes. The growth of their connection is portrayed with great care, making their journey together incredibly captivating.
While this manga may not have the intense drama or suspense that some readers crave, it is perfect for those who seek an overwhelmingly cute and heartwarming BL experience. “Kikazaru Hina wa mada Koi wo Shiranai” is a BL manga brimming with the endearing love story between lovely Hina and handsome Urushibara. I highly recommend giving it a read!
Kikazaru Hina wa mada Koi wo Shiranai
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