【BL Manga Artist】Nakamura Shungiku’s Titles! The Best Recommended BL Manga by Artist, Vol.4!

Hello everybody! It’s July now, huh~? By the way, did you know that a BL title (shown below) has been airing as one of the 2020 Summer Anime too~? At Manga Republic, Vol.2 has been released so far so check it out too!
The Titan's Bride
Already! So, let’s check out【BL Manga Artist】together! It’s Vol.4 today! The artist I’m featuring today is…… maybe you know her? She’s super famous in the BL Manga industry!

【BL Manga Artist】Nakamura Shungiku’s Titles! The Best Recommended BL Manga by Artist, Vol.4!

Nakamura Shungiku Sensei’s Profile

She is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator, who started working on BL Manga since 1990s and still has been famous.
Most of her works are the typical love comedies or the stories that set in old times, all of which were rated very high.
In one of her titles, “√W.P.B.”, which started being serialized since 2002 in the boy’s magazine “Monthly Gfantasy”, she set a woman as the main protagonist, keeping up her good work.
Manga Set
The images she draws are quite unique so you will know that’s her work just by looking at it once! The storylines are often heartwarming so we feel as if we are reading shōjo (girls’) manga even though it’s a BL manga. One of the characteristics of her story is creating a sad or an exciting setting, developed by the characters! It’s the typical love story! For the BL manga beginners! I would really recommend Nakamura Shungiku Sensei’s titles!
Here are some of Nakamura Shungiku Sensei’s masterpieces!

The World's Greatest First Love (Divided by each series)

The main protagonist, Onodera Ritsu’s father owns a famous publishing company and works in his company. However, he resigns and gets into another publishing company which is not famous, due to his coworkers’ jealousy toward his success, claiming that he is simply riding his father’s coattails. In the new company, he is placed in the shōjo manga editing department!
Ritsu, who has never experienced editing shōjo manga, tries his best.
There, he recognizes his new boss…… I might know him……?
The boss’s name is Takano Masamune.
He is a competent boss, who rebuilt his company, which was not that famous, and has been making the company successful. He mostly treats a newbie, Ritsu, very strictly but only sometimes, he treats him leniently. He seems weird like that. When Ritsu first saw him, he didn’t recognize him but…… all of a sudden, he remembers him!
Ritsu finds out that he was his loving Senpai (someone senior to him), who he has dated with……!! Masamune also remembers their relationship! They met in the workplace again…… How are they going to be after this……!?
It was made into anime twice in 2011…… and the movie in 2014 as well. An animated movie with the original episode, where the characters from all the series appeared, was open in Japanese cinemas in 2020! Yes, this title has been loved by so many fans! Not only the love story by Onodera Ritsu-Kun! You will see more love stories by various characters in the same publishing company too! Check out each series!
Manga Set
The World's Greatest First Love
The World's Greatest First Love

Junjo Romantica (Junjou Romantica)
24 volumes has been released

The main protagonist, Takahashi Misaki, is the third grader of high school, who is going to have the entrance exam for the college soon.
He is good with his hands and skillful of cooking. He is a little mischievous, cheerful and energetic boy.
He has lost his parents but his only family member, his older brother, asks his friend to teach Misaki studying so he can pass the entrance exam.
The tutor’s name is Usami Akihiko.
He is a very famous author and has received so many prestigious literature awards. He is also a son of the financial clique. Akihiko pleasantly accepts Misaki’s brother’s offer, teaching Misaki studying. Now it’s time to study……
But…… one day, Misaki finds out a secret of Akihiko!
Surprisingly, Akihiko is a BL artist and is working on a BL novel, depicting Misaki’s brother and himself! (And that’s super popular) Misaki is super surprised at the fact. However, there is a reason why Akihiko is working on that story……
This title, as well, has been animated three times and also animated as the OVA (original video animation), and one of Nakamura Shungiku’s masterpieces too! One of the differences between this title and The World's Greatest First Love (mentioned above) is for this title, only one couple is focused throughout the story! A little young boy has been controlled by a freewheeling older boy! He’s so adorable! They have issues or feel happy because of a huge age gap? That’s one of the best parts of this BL title!!
Manga Set
Junjo Romantica (Junjou Romantica)
Junjo Romantica (Junjou Romantica)

Umi ni Nemuru Hana
5 volumes in total. Concluded

It’s a live action manga, depicting the love and the adventure by the beautiful samurai, Mikage and the young pirate head, Sakaki.
The young samurai, Mikage, is a descendant of the Toyotomi Hideyoshi clan. Mikage’s family has been passed down a map of the hidden assets from the Toyotomi clan. However, all his family members were killed except for him and his younger sister, who was kidnapped by those who were trying to steal the map.
He was even betrayed by his old best friend. Even though he managed to keep the map himself, he was exhausted both physically and mentally after he kept running away from what had happened to him.
Meanwhile, he meets the pirates, who take the treasures only from the villains and give them away to those in need. The head of the pirates, Sakaki, hear about the hidden assets from Mikage and suggested to Mikage that they should try looking for them and digging them up.
Mikage is gradually being attracted by Sakaki, who is not sensitive about many things, but is laid back, dynamic and charismatic.
However, there are those who are chasing those two for the assets……!!
This title is the oldest of the three I shared today. This is one of the titles, where “the story is set in old times”, which was one of Nakamura Shungiku Sensei’s specialties as her initial manga artist career!
Manga Set
Umi ni Nemuru Hana
Umi ni Nemuru Hana
Alright! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article!
Nakamura Shungiku

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