【Ichinose-ke no Taizai】Unpredictable Twists, Hidden Clues, and an Intricate Plot That Thrills Analytical Readers!



Tsubasa Ichinose, a middle school student, suffered a head injury in an accident and lost his memory.

When he awakens, a startling fact is revealed: every member of the Ichinose family has also lost their memories.

Despite their mutual amnesia, the family bonds and enjoys their time together in the hospital.

However, upon returning home, they are confronted with a messy living room and shocking secrets hidden in each individual's room.


Ichinose-ke no Taizai is a work that promises a remarkable plot twist, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

By carefully reading through the story, one can contemplate the future developments and speculate about the ending.

With its intricate plot and numerous hidden clues, the story caters to the tastes of avid thinkers and offers an abundance of intriguing elements to explore.
Delve into its rich content and enjoy the abundance of surprises it has to offer.

Ichinose-ke no Taizai vol.2 is released today! Please check it out along with the first volume.
Ichinose-ke no Taizai vol.2
Ichinose-ke no Taizai vol.1

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