[BL Award] Introducing the seven manga that won the “Next Generation Category” and are predicted to be big hits within 2023!


[BL Award] Introducing the seven manga that won the “Next Generation Category” and are predicted to be big hits within 2023!

The “BL Awards” for 2023 have been selected!
The “BL Awards” is a unique ranking of BL magazines and manga works in Japan, where fans vote to determine the most brilliant BL works among the commercial BL works released in the year prior to the announcement.
In this issue of the article, we pick up and explain the 1st through 7th place winners in the “Next Generation” category, which was predicted to be “a hit in 2023” from the various BL Award categories! All of these manga are highly recommended, so please check them out!

First place: Kono Te wo Hasanai de

Beautiful illustrations and a sorrowful love story are irresistible!
An alpha x omega BL story depicted in the world of Omegaverse!
Haruto, an alpha young man, has transferred from an elite school to a regular high school for one reason or another. The students are all interested in Haruto because he is a handsome, high-achieving alpha who has suddenly transferred to the school. However, there is one student who has a strong antagonistic attitude toward Haruto. It is Miyabi, the Ω student, who sits next to him and is also the student council president......!
It is completed in one volume, so it is very easy to read. And it is so popular that a college student version of the story that follows has also been released! If you like Omegaverse, of course, this is a must-read manga within 2023, which I recommend to everyone, because it is a perfect love story!
Kono Te wo Hasanai de

Second place: Junjou de na ni qa Warui

“I want my first experience to be a wonderful memory......!”
Such a pure-hearted wish causes outrageous trouble in this slapstick gag BL!
“I want my first sexual experience to be a wonderful memory......!”
Hajime called and ordered the man who would sleep with him gently, which had been his dream for many years. However, Ryota, who came to accept the order, had no regard for such wishes!
Hajime is at a loss after his first experience ends in disaster.
Then he sees Ryota at his school and learns that they are both students at the same university!
Hajime wants revenge!
The gag-style story is easy to read and the relationship between the two is interesting!
Will Hajime's revenge succeed? The fact that the story is completed in one volume is also a good point!
Junjou de na ni qa Warui

Third place: Dareka Yume Dato Itte Kure

A popular BL manga series that has been published up to volume 7!
A romantic comedy between a cool and a stubborn boys, which starts with a mysterious dream!
Sayo, who feels inferior to other girls because of his short stature, witnesses a girl he loves being dumped by a tall, cool young man named Mashiba. Sayo is so frustrated that she repeatedly challenges Mashiba to a fight, but is unable to win at all.
One day, Sayo has a strange dream.
A popular BL manga series, currently in its seventh volume, is ranked in the list!
I recommend it to those who want to read a long-running BL manga series!
Dareka Yume Dato Itte Kure

Fourth place: Kimi no Yoru ni Fureru

A BL story with an emphasis on storyline, filled with seriousness, emotion, and everything in between! What is the “future” that an assassin who can't kill and a blind boy end up in?
Chinatsu is a young man born into a family of assassins, but one event makes him unable to kill. One day, Chinatsu meets a boy “again.”
It is Kasumi, a boy who is blind but lives a bright and pure life. Kasumi was blind and pure and innocent. Chinatsu finds a little happiness in the days he spends with Kasumi......
The story is serious and intense, just like a movie! The illustrations are beautiful and the feeling of fulfillment after reading it is also highly appreciated! Recommended for those who want to read BL manga with emphasis on the story!
Kimi no Yoru ni Fureru

Fifth place: Aijitsu to Hanayome

Fantasy x Omegaverse, the best combination!
It cannot be believed that this is a debut work of such high quality. It is the story of a young man who was chosen to be “sacrificed” to “God”!
Luca, a young man living in a village, finds himself in “Ω” the day after he falls ill with a high fever. His presence in the village confused many people. The village chief, concerned about this, decides to have Luka sacrificed to the sun god.
His parents have died, and if he stays in the village, he will be in trouble. Luka agrees to be sacrificed to the sun god, despite his own feelings. Luka and the sun god meet, but Kuro, the sun god, is not what he seems at all.
This is a very easy to read manga with a unique fantasy worldview, yet the story is beautifully put together! It is wonderful in that it has a mystique and simplicity like a myth, yet is a solid love story! This one is also complete in one volume!
Aijitsu to Hanayome

Sixth place: Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo

The word “youth” fits too well in this work!
Set in a seaside town, this is a love story of two brilliant high school students!
When Amane became a high school student, he “quit” falling in love.
Through a painful experience in junior high school, Amane learned that his “love” was different from that of others.
One day, a transfer student, Ryuji, arrives at Amane's high school.
Amane and Ryuji, who is kind and friendly, become closer and closer, and as Amane spends pleasant days with Ryuji, Amane's feelings change little by little.
“If it's you, I might try to fall in love......”
This manga depicts the frustrating yet bright “love” that only two high school students can have! It is a popular work that currently has three volumes on sale, so it is recommended for those who want to read a series of BL manga!
Kimi to Nara Koi wo Shite Mite mo

Seventh place:My Dear Agent

A thrilling story that can be read in both the first and the second volumes!
It is an action love story between a new bodyguard and a senior bodyguard!
A group of bodyguards protects millionaires. Their leader, Riichi, is assigned to train Tachibana, a talented but rough newcomer.
Tachibana is very good at what she does, but as a reward for successful missions, she frequently requests dates with Riichi. He got confused as he is also a guy! Can Riichi really train Tachibana to be an excellent bodyguard?
This is a BL work that is not too serious and keeps you on the edge of your seat with its bodyguard setting! Recommended for those who want to read short BL works and enjoy a slightly suspenseful love story!
My Dear Agent

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