【Best Physical Manga Recommendations】These FIVE! The Hottest Manga, Releasing on Jul 1st ~ 15th!


Demon Slayer
Kimetsu no Yaiba
21 volumes

Two more volumes until the finals! The story will finally go into the climax……!
In Volume 21, the showdown between Demon Slayer Corps and Kibutsuji Muzan, will move into full swing.
They (Demon Slayer Corps) get desperate at an overwhelming strength that Kibutsuji has, with the numbers of Tanjirou’s buddies being beat up and killed……!
The original has already come to an end, and Volume 22 and 23 will be released soon! This comics is one of the best among the ones releasing at the beginning of July! It’s already super HOT! Don’t miss out! It might be sold out soon!!
Kimetsu no Yaiba
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2 volumes

Four astronauts, who are the last survivors in humanity, are plunged into a universe. The earth was devoured already…… Since there were no women alive, human will extinct……! But they never give up! They work hard this week too, to survive!
AGRAVITY BOYS is a ‘super-freedom’ gag manga series, now serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It went viral soon after it started being serialized, saying, ‘Wow, a gag manga with an incredible setting, started!’! We, Manga Republic, even have featured this title several times! It’s a NOW-HOT title in Japan! It’s still been Volume 2 so you can still catch up with the original even if you start checking it now!!
Check THIS for more details!
【Best Physical Manga Recommendations】 These FIVE! The Hottest Manga, Releasing on Apr 1st ~ 15th!
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The Promised Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
19 volumes

This is one of the series, serialized in Shonen Jump. It came to an end the other day and went viral after that. As for its anime, Season 2 will air. In Japan, the live-action movie will release and at overseas, the live-action drama will be released as well. It’s a dark fantasy × suspense-genre title, developed in various media.
The story finally comes “from behind to win”.
Ray, Emma, Norman met again. They will see “What has happened” to Grace Field House, where they used to live in, again in Volume 19. There, they will face the truth, which they couldn’t figure out when they escaped.
From this volume, the story starts getting to the point…… In other words, they will get to know the secret and the truth of the world! For those who only have watched Season 1, watch out! This will get into the climax too……!!
The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)
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Paripi Koumei
2 volumes

Zhuge Liang(諸葛亮)is a legendary genius in history, who existed in China.
He died as the history shows and reincarnated in Shibuya, Japan, in the modern world. He keeps all his memories from the previous world so he remembers that he couldn’t make the world peaceful and tranquil as well. One day, he meets a kind girl named Eiko in the dance club, where he accidentally drops by.
Eiko, who took care of his job, had a dream.
Eiko was once struggled with her life and even thought of committing a suicide. However, that day, she happened to hear a diva from overseas singing at the dance club. Eiko’s mind was trembled. “It’s stupid to think of dying.” I want to be like her. Eiko, who had lost power to live, was given a strong power from the diva, making her think that “she wants to be the one who can move someone”.
Koumei, then, decided. Eiko gave him a hand.
She should be his master in the modern world and the one, who can make the world peaceful and tranquil, which he had dreamed of before…… To make her dream come true, Koumei will take an action again, as the “legendary genius”……!
Well, you might think it’s a serious story as I explained but it’s actually a super funny gag manga!! Koumei is surely super genius but since he just reincarnated (?), he doesn’t have much knowledge about the modern world, which makes the story so funny! Is Koumei going to be able to make Eiko-Chan’s dream come true? This is another NOW-HOT gag manga in Japan!!
Paripi Koumei
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Dareka no koto wo suki na dake
1 volume

Why do we “love” someone? It’s a story where a girl, who is clumsy at love, faces herself “loving someone”.
The main protagonist, Yuiko, is 26 years old, who just broke up with her boyfriend. She used to love him but not enough to cry when they broke up. She thinks she is “not good” at having a romantic relationship. Then she tries to find someone who she can marry to, but she messed that up too……
Yuiko thinks.
What is “love”? Finding fiancé doesn’t seem like the action, where we can get the one in destiny. How does love even start? How can I “fall in love with someone”?
Then she happen to meet a good-looking beautician at the station. From that encounter, Yuiko starts to seek for the answer to the “love” in herself.
The reason why I picked out this one is that this is a girl’s manga, which I can recommend to【grown-up women】, not the teenage girls! “Why do I fall in love with someone?” For those who have wondered that way…… Try this! You can seriously face ‘to love someone’!
Dareka no koto wo suki na dake
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Oujisama wa Hime-kun to Tsukiaitai
1 volume

Jin, a prince, has a crush on Himeri, who is loved by everybody, like a princess. He’s been in one-sided love with her for years. Jin, who did everything for her, finally decided to give her a love confession when he enters a college but……!?
The reality is not that easy, like a fairy tale!? Even though both Himeri and Jin like each other, they can’t have a good timing! Love never grows if you just wait! Their clumsy love attack will now start……!!
I picked out this one when I saw this cute title……! This is one of the hottest BL manga among the ones releasing at the beginning of July! For this month, there are many manga whose Volume 1 release so now is a great timing when you check a variety of BL manga!
Oujisama wa Hime-kun to Tsukiaitai
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