Best 7 Japanese Manga, Releasing Dec!


Black Night Parade
vol. 8

A live-action movie will be released on December 23rd, 2022!
Does Santa Clause organize an evil corporation?

The main character, Miharu, failed his college entrance exam. He has no luck finding a decent job for the last 3 years. Now he is working part time at a convenience store. On Christmas day, he was under lot of emotional pressure and decided to steal a “Christmas cake” from his workplace. However, a headless “Black Santa” was watching over him and scolded at him!! Miharu was considered as a “naughty” and kidnapped to work for him as a “Black Santa.” What is Santa’s job anyways?
Original manga was written and illustrated by Nakamura Hikaru-Sensei. She is the author of Saint☆Young Men (Saint☆Oniisan). The title and cover page may make us confused a bit, but this manga is highly recommended to read during this holiday seasons. The latest volume of this black comedy manga will be released!!
Black Night Parade

Onna no Sono no Hoshi
vol. 3

This manga is simply silly, but so funny.
This Nichijou style comedy manga was sold over 1.2 million copies!
Also, it was announced to be made into anime!

A home room teacher at a girls’ high school, Mr. Hoshi, was wondering about the drawing that was illustrated in a class journal. Students take turn to draw something according to their word chain game. He could not find what the drawing mean after previous day’s drawing which is “smartphone”(sumaho in Japanese). He was gazing a drawing looks like an alien.
Various weird incidents happen at the peaceful girls’ school. Because Hoshi is too serious about everything, small things like drawing eye blows on a dog’s face, being called by weird nickname......etc become big deals.
It was ranked in “Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards” in 2021! It’s silly because Hoshi is too serious but super funny as well. Please check it before anime version starts!
Onna no Sono no Hoshi

ChiiKawa Nanka Chiisakute Kawaiiyatsu
ちいかわ なんか小さくてかわいいやつ
vol. 5

Super cute characters become a big hit in Japan now!
Everyone knows CHIIKAWA!
The original is a manga! Did you know it?

The original manga is illustrated by Nagano-Sensei and serialized on her own Twitter account. Nagano-Sensei wished to live like Chiikawa, small and cute! Chiikawa’s world was created, illustrated and very well explained by her. All characters are basically laidback, but sometimes you will see their dark humor and surreal.
However, (There are no horrific or grotesque expressions in the story. So you can enjoy their cute daily lives in the cute world!) Its lovely characters and relaxed worldview became very popular and has wide range of fans in Japan.
Not many people know that the original of this anime is the manga version. If you’ve already known these characters, please check the manga version as well!!
ChiiKawa Nanka Chiisakute Kawaiiyatsu

Amano-Kun to Koinanteshinai!
vol. 1

A “prodigy” wants to win over a “genius” at a love game!
Volume 1 of popular romantic comedy manga was finally released!

A prodigy, Takahide-san, always losing to a genius, Amano-Kun.
He always gets the first place for the exams or sports competition. So Takahide-san was always in the second place. In order to win, Takahide-san was observing Amano-kun every day. One day, Amano-Kun, started talking to Takahide-san.
“Takahide-san, why are you always watching over me? Did you have a crush on me?”
Then, Takahide-san noticed that there is one thing I may be able to win over him!
Perhaps, I can win over him by playing a “love game!”
What is going to happen to the prodigy and the genius! Who will win the love game? The first volume of a popular romantic comedy will be finally released!
Amano-Kun to Koinanteshinai!

Volley Volley
vol. 3

The doubles partners do not like each other, but they are a strong team!
They don’t get along each other, but they fought together all the way! Popular soft tennis manga finally completed!

Childhood friends, Maru and Kakeru play soft tennis as doubles partners in their middle school. Although they played soft tennis together, their personalities are totally opposite and they never get along each other. Their final competition in their last year at middle school will be held soon!
They are both advanced players, but they just cannot get along each other. Why? Are there any reasons? Both did not tell but had hidden thoughts......
The story has been completed. The final volume, volume 3, will be released this month. Highly recommended for reading all at once!
Volley Volley

Isekai Trip Saki de Tasuketekureta noha Hitogoroshi no Syounenn deshita
The Man Who Saved Me On My Isekai Trip Was A Killer
異世界トリップ先で助けてくれたのは、 人殺しの少年でした。(仮)

First volume
Second volume

A popular adult manga was edited for all ages and released in two volumes.

The manga was serialized on the website as a popular adult manga was edited for all ages and released in two volumes!
The main character, Megumi, is a librarian. One day, she fell into a utility hall on the street. When she woke up, she was transferring in another world and saved by a cute boy who is actually an “assassin”!!
As an adult manga, it recorded smash hit and recently completed! To celebrate this success, the popular series just released its first and second volumes!
Isekai Trip Saki de Tasuketekureta noha Hitogoroshi no Syounenn deshita
The Man Who Saved Me On My Isekai Trip Was A Killer

Idol-sama ga Real Koi Suruna
vol. 3

An idol is not supposed to fall in love!
...... but......

An actor, Fuuma, is arrogant. He knows that he is good at acting a strong/aggressive role, but is not good at being a role like a sweet prince. However, one day, he got a job to act as a sweet person like a prince.
Then he had a chance to learn how to behave like a sweet prince character. He met a popular idol, Kanade, who is just like a sweet “prince.” Fuuma wanted to observe Kanade closely in order to learn his soft behavior.
Fuuma wanted to know Kanade’s daily life and wanted to be with him! Fuuma took an action! What did he do??
Volume 1 and 2 of this series were sold very well! This popular BL manga just released its latest volume! An idol is not supposed to fall in love with someone, but......!
Idol-sama ga Real Koi Suruna

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