Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo – I will be someone’s girlfriend once a week. Super popular series among teenagers and 20s in Japan!!

Hi, everyone! It’s Hana from Manga Republic!
Everyone, I have a question! What is romance?
You may want to get married or date with your favorite anime character on the screen. You can call it a romance, right? I have heard it is getting popular to have a wedding ceremony with your favorite anime character!
Today, I will introduce a manga that describes a real “romance.” This manga is getting very popular among young adults in Japan!
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo
It is Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo!
This manga is serialized in the comic app, Cycomic from Cygames, Cygame is the company that created games like Umamusume.
Every episode has a different main character, but previous main characters are also appearing in the different episodes as supporting characters. This setting makes this manga very interesting!
The author, Ono Hinao-Sensei, was uploading her manga on Pixiv, an illustration communication website at first, and then debuted as a new manga artist. Her deep insight, character settings, and unique story lines were supported by many fans!!
There are 6 main characters in Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo.

The 1st main character is Yuki. She works for a girlfriend substitute agency. She is a college student who was raised by abusive parents. She is trying to hide a large burn mark on the left side of her body.
In Yuki’s episode, she dated with an ordinary guy, Souta. He fell in love with her and she was annoyed by his innocent behavior. Soon Souta started becoming pushy and controlling with her.

The 2nd main character is Yuki’s only friend, Rina. She lives on compensated dating with her sugar daddies.
Her sugar daddy implied he would end the relationship with her. Her friend does not seem to open her heart. The money she has does not fill her empty heart and she is feeling insecure. She was extremely lonely and became reckless and met a guy in town. Getting close to the guy, Yuudai, but......

The 3rd character is Ayana who is lying about her age to work at the girlfriend substitute agency, the same company where Yuki works. She is trying to make money for her plastic surgeries.
Her salary at the agency was not enough to do the surgery. So she has been going on compensated dating besides her work. One of her customers believes that he is dating with Ayana for real, but of course it is fake dating. Ayana has a real boyfriend, Kousei.
Kousei found out about her job at the girlfriend substitute agency by chance and Ayana confessed about her multiple plastic surgeries. Hiyama, the sugar daddy, also found out she lied about her age. Ayana got in trouble! What is going to happen to her?

The 4th character is Moe. She goes to the same college as Yuki and Rina. She thinks that she is not a girly type, but also was feeling a little jealous at Yuki and Rina who are always dating with guys.
Moe went to a male host club for some reason. She met a host, Kaede, and fell in love with him. She started spending money on him and ended up working at a brothel to make money for him.

The 5th character is Yua. She is the one who took Moe, the main character of the 4th episode, to the male host club for the first time. She spoke harshly to Moe and then disappeared in the 4th episode.
This episode will show readers the reasons why she came to Tokyo alone from the country side and why she tried to satisfy her loneliness at the male host club by obtaining fake love from the hosts.

The 6th character, Runa is a student in the same college with previous characters such as Yuki, Rina and Moe. But she is taking a leave of absence from school to make money at a high class brothel.
Runa looks down on her customers who show her their affection. She thinks it is ridiculous for otaku people who are expressing their strong affections toward someone they like.
One day, young customer came to the brothel. His name is Hayato. He makes a lot of money from live streaming his singing or showing his gameplay on the Internet.
While dating with Hayato, Runa found happiness besides making money. He said to Runa “You do not need to make money anymore because I have money. I want you to quit the job and go back to school.” Runa became scared of being depending on him financially and mentally. She started asking herself, “Am I wasting my time to be with him? How much money could I have made if I wasn’t with him?” She is debating her sense of values about money.
The episode of Runa is getting close to the climax on Cycomic. Hayato was gaining a stable life financially, physically and mentally while dating with Runa. On the other hand, Runa was having difficulty balancing between her beliefs and her real life. She was happy but not totally happy. It was described realistically.
The comic books have released 8 volumes. Volume 1 contains episodes about Yuki. Volume 2 contains episodes about Rina. Volume 3 and 4 contain episodes of Ayana. Volume 5 to 7 contain episodes of Moe. Volume 8 contains the episode of Yua. The latest volume, volume 9 is about half of the episodes of Runa.
It is said that this super popular series is read by almost all teenagers and 20s in Japan. Please check it out!


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 1


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 2


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 3
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 4


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 5
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 6
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 7


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 8


Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo vol. 9

Okay, I will see you in the next article!! Have a good day!!
Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo

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