10 Most Recommended Manga for the First Half of the Year 2021! Selected by Manga Republic Staff!

Hello, everybody!! Can you believe we have passed the first half of year 2021 already!!?? It’s Saori from Manga Republic!!
So you guys…… what manga have you read for the first half of year 2021? And how much have you read? For those who have read a lot of Manga and for those who haven’t been able to…… I want everybody to check out this article! Here’s the 10 BEST hit manga selected by Manga Republic members for the first half of the year 2021!!!

【Hit Series for the First Half of the Year 2021】
10 Most Recommended Manga!
Now-HOT Series, Selected by MR Staff!

So! For today’s article, I’ll be sharing with you the most recommended (the best-selling, the most interesting and the hottest) MUST-READ manga by Manga Republic members, in FIVE categories!!
If you know all these 10 recommended manga, be proud of yourself! You are literally the perfect manga master!!!

Hit Series for the first half of the year 2021
Category: Boys Manga

Jujutsu Kaisen
vol. 0


The movie is now scheduled to be released on Dec 24th, 2021!
Absolutely one of the most featured series throughout the world for the first half of 2021!

Since Jujutsu Kaisen’s anime series started to air in 2019, it’s become overwhelmingly popular throughout the world! I have to say that Volume 0 was one of the best-selling comics for the first half of 2021 and also will be a MUST-READ volume towards the latter half of the year!
This Volume 0 is a spinoff series (prequel), depicting the story before Volume 1. It’s also the volume full of mysteries you might want to speculate since it covers an important character’s past, work and secret. So, for those who haven’t read it yet, give it a try! If you can, read it before Dec 24th, 2021, when the movie releases!!
Jujutsu Kaisen

Tougen Anki
vol. 1-4


The battle between “Oni (demon)” and “Hero” in the modern world!
Don’t miss out on a now-hot series, currently serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion!

Do you guys know the story called ‘Momotaro (Peach Boy)’? It’s a Japanese folktale, where ‘Momotaro,’ who was born from a peach, fight against Oni, who marauded over their land, with his animal friends……
What if that folktale was a true story…… What if Momotaro and the descendants of Oni are still fighting in the modern world……?
This story contains quite a violent battle! With some flashy and powerful battle scenes, this series has become one of the most popular series in the first half of 2021! For those who haven’t heard of this series, or those who have been looking for a new-style shōnen manga, this is the one!!
Tougen Anki

Hit Series for the first half of the year 2021
Category: Manga for Female

Kara no Kioku
vol. 1


A group of lonely youths meet in town, filled with “strange Inhumans.”
Volume 1 of the most popular and featured mysterious manga series is now releasing!

As we, humans, feel warmth, kindness, the colors and transparency…… maybe our mind ‘has its shape.’ But…… what if there existed the world, where such mind develops its own personality and lives on its own?
Once you start reading this series, Kara no Kioku, you will be addicted to it! The story, full of a mysterious and transient worldview, attracts many people! You might feel as if you are reading a spooky children’s book…… It’s so scary but makes us want to read more! This is one of the best parts about this series!
I have a feeling…… it might be made into an anime series around 2022? Here’s one of the most anticipated series!
Kara no Kioku

Bungo Stray Dogs - Beast
文豪ストレイドッグス BEAST
vol. 1-2


Nakajima Atsushi and Akutagawa Ryuunosuke……
What if “the organizations they belong to are switched”?
It’s Bungo Stray Dogs’ spinoff series, depicting “What If Story,” that can’t happen!

Speaking of Bungo Stray Dogs, it’s such a popular series, which has been made into both an anime and a movie! ……What if ‘the organizations that the two main protagonists’ belong to’ are switched……?
The ‘What If Story’ depicted in the novel is now being comicalized! It’s also scheduled to be made into a live action movie! This is the one which I want everybody who knows Bungo Stray Dogs to read!!
Bungo Stray Dogs – Beast

Hit Series for the first half of the year 2021
Category: Manga for Male

Shounen no Abyss
vol. 1-4


This is a “Suicide Love Story” which we could not take our eye off of MOST in the first half of 2021.
One day, a boy found hope from “dying” ……

A boy, living in the countryside, has become hopeless for his future, being stuck in the confined town, looking after his family. One day, a super popular idol shows up in front of him and says to him, ‘Why don’t we commit suicide together?’
This is a forbidden series, depicting ‘darkness’ of human relationship, which we should not depict as a human drama but we might see somewhere around the world. ‘What’s gonna happen to this unhappy boy……?’ Don’t start reading this story, thinking that way.
【2021’s HOT Series】Can’t Take Our Eye off of “SUICIDES LOVE STORY” in Japan! Asking the Meaning of Death, Shounen no Abyss!
Shounen no Abyss

Black Gakkou ni Tsutometeshimatta Sensei
vol. 1-3


Help me!
A new, fresh-hand teacher is assigned in a girl’s school, and guess what? All the students there are energetic bad girls (gyaru)!?
Here comes the dirtiest and most dynamic love comedy in the first half of 2021!!

The school, a male teacher is assigned to is…… a girls’ school full of tanned gyaru, having the anything-goes spirit!! All the girls now tease him, and he is not used to handling women!!
Full of dirty jokes! Full of gags! For those who want to read a high-paced comedy! This is it! Is the teacher able to completely avoid their seductions……!?
Black Gakkou ni Tsutometeshimatta Sensei

Hit Series for the first half of the year 2021
Category: BL Manga

Megumi to Tsugumi
vol. 1-3


The best recommended BL series in the first half of 2021!
Here’s a crazy love comedy with a theme “Omegaverse” depicting a top student and a yankee!

A BL manga that I want to recommend to you guys most in the first half of 2021 is Megumi to Tsugumi!
With a unique setting ‘Omegaverse,’ it’s an ‘interesting’ and highly-rated story for both those who are familiar with the word ‘Omegaverse’ and those who are not!
It’s a now-hot series with a great pace as a BL manga too! Three volumes have already been released! For those who haven’t read it yet, this is a MUST-READ BL manga series!
【BL Manga × Omegaverse】Omegaverse Element Is Added to School BL Manga! A Special Number for Megumi to Tsugumi!
Megumi to Tsugumi

Junai Dropout
vol. 1


The guy who suddenly shows up in front of a man who works at the coffee shop is…… a pervert salaryman!?
It’s extreme but somehow a refreshing story!
This gap is the best part! Try this popular “one-shot type” BL comic!

This is the one-shot type with only 1 volume BL manga, which I want to recommend most! Junai Dropout!
While the cover has a strong impact, the storyline is extremely detailed, which is one of the reasons why it’s popular! It’s a highly rated series with comments like, “The impact on the cover was so strong but once I read it, I enjoyed it a lot, finding out it’s a classic-type BL story!” You can casually read it because it concludes only with 1 Volume!
Junai Dropout

Hit Series for the first half of the year 2021
Category: Shōjo Manga

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
Entire Series (14 Volumes in Total)


Concluded and got even more popular!
It’s a crazy ‘sharing-house’ love story with a serious high school girl and a little mean popular writer!

The next series I want to recommend in the first half of 2021 is the one which has concluded with 14 volumes! It’s Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, depicting a super classic-type love story!
One of the most important elements in shōjo manga are the emotional description between the characters and the storyline. This series has both of them, and quite detailed. It’s been highly rated by many people! It’s literally a classic-type love story!! If you want to read a concluded shōjo manga or a classic love story between two clumsy people, I would recommend this one to you!!
【Shōjo Manga】A Housekeeper Girl Has a Crush on a Writer. A Special Number for Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet!
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Arashi-Kun No Dakimakura
vol. 1-3


An insomnia cute boy was actually a selfish prince!?
It’s currently being serialized!
Co-sleeping × thrilling love story! Now going viral via social media!

The best recommended shōjo manga, which is currently being serialized, is Arashi-Kun No Dakimakura, now going viral via social media!
The main protagonist, a girl, is resting in the nurse’s office at school. And the next moment, she finds a strange boy, sleeping next to her!!!! He tells her that he has insomnia. Why does he have insomnia? What’s the ‘secret’ hidden in him……?
You’ll enjoy this story, getting trilled at the same time! So, another shōjo manga that I want to recommend in the first half of 2021 is Arashi-Kun No Dakimakura!
Arashi-Kun No Dakimakura
How did you like them~? I bet you know some, and maybe some might not be familiar to you……? These are all interesting, featured and highly recommended series! If you find any series that attract you, why don’t you go check it out?
All right now! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article~! Bye-bye~!

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