Feedback of Episode 21 of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen, by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!

Hi guys! It’s Hana from Manga Republic!
Let me share my feedback of the latest episode of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen this week too!!
The latest episode, in Episode 21, the students from Jujutsu High who left the special curse, Hanami, played…… THAT sports!!!
Here’s my feedback of Episode 20, which aired last week!
Feedback of Episode 20 of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen, by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!
All right then…… What was the best part about Episode 21??
What Do Curse Spirits and Students Have in Mind after Finishing Fighting……?
The Goodwill Event Is Finishing off with Surprised Sports!!!
During the Goodwill event, the Curse Spirits suddenly showed up and attacked the students.
Mahito and Shigemo stole Ryoumen Sukuna’s six fingers, the cursed objects and jutaikusouzu from the warehouse of Jujutsu High. And Hanami disappointedly escaped from the battle with Gojo. Their purpose is to make Gojo Satoru incompetent of fighting on October 31st in Shibuya.
They attacked Jujutsu High as a preparation of making Gojo, who is the most powerful sorcerer, incompetent of fighting.
There was another human as a new enemy too besides Geto, huh……? What is their true color……!?
Meanwhile, Jujutsu High managed the attack by the curse spirits. Usually, the Goodwill event lasts two days in a row but it was suspended temporarily.
After discussing it, all the teachers almost agreed on canceling the Goodwill event this year especially some of them were already damaged. However, Gojo insisted that they should prioritize students’ opinions.
With what Toudou said and since other students agreed with it, they have decided to continue to hold the Goodwill event but……
What they have decided to do is……………… baseball!?
Since Mecha-maru’s body got ruined because of Panda, Kyoto school got a pitching machine, instead……
Fushiguro advanced Kugisaki, who did her best hitting and reached base, with a sacrifice bunt. Panda was just normally playing baseball……
Maki’s home-run-level hit was easily caught by Nishimiya who can fly in the air……
Everybody shouted ‘Nice pitch!’ together, watching Toudou’s dead ball……
The principals of Kyoto and Tokyo schools were quietly watching them play peacefully and enjoyably.
And, finally……
It’s Itadori’s turn when Inumaki was on base. The ball he hit was……
……a huge home run which flied even above Nishimiya in the air!!! That made the game settle! The Goodwill event this year finished with Tokyo team’s winning!
Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc finished with such a heartwarming atmosphere, just like a student group drama. From next week, a new chapter starts off!!! Maybe…… we can expect Season 2 to come out too……!!?? We don’t have any info about it yet but let’s look forward to the next episode!!
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In Episode 21, we found out that Geto, who is now a Jusoshi, used to belong to Jujutsu High before!!! Why has he become an enemy……? If you want to know why, you can find it out in Volume 8 and 9 of the original manga!!!!!!!!!
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And here is my feedback of Episode 1 to 20! For those who feel behind Jujutsu Kaisen’s boom, check out the previous articles too!
Jujutsu Kaisen Articles by a Super Addicted Jujutsu Kaisen Otaku!
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