【BL Animations】10 Best-Selected Animated BL Manga!

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Now we’re in April but it’s still a little cold that I don’t want to get out of the bed every morning…… It’s Saori from Manga Republic!
So you…… since now you’re reading this article, you must be interested in BL Manga!!

【BL Animations】The Best for the BL Beginners!
10 Best-Selected Animated BL Manga!

So today! I’ll feature 10 Best-Selected Animated BL Manga for the BL Beginners!
I’ll classified them into three big categories and share a quick outline for each one! Try to pick out your favorite one~!!

Human Drama Type!
Here are the THREE Sad BL Titles!

In this category, they set in the modern world and the storylines are very serious!


It’s a story about love by four band members who are high school and college students. Holding their unforgotten past, they will be united via music.
The BL Animation aired in 2019! In 2020, the movie will release too! In BL Anime version, you can enjoy music that you can never feel from the Manga version!
Given Manga Set
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Twittering Birds Never Fly.
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai / 囀る鳥は羽ばたかない

It’s a story. based on【Yakuza】, which is mafia in Japan. It’sabout the relationship between the main character, who is a young leader of Yakuza and his subordinate, who is always loyal to him.
The movie will release in 2020 and the sequel is now being created too! The comics have been released until Vol.7 so you can enjoy it too!
Twittering Birds Never Fly. Manga Set
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Ten Count

It’s a love story about the secretary of the president who is traumatized and the psychological counselor. The original is already completed and it has six volumes in total.
It’s a super big title which will be animated in 2020! The original is already completed and only has six volumes so it would be best for the BL beginners!
Ten Count Manga Set
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Here are the FOUR Love-Comedy BL Titles!

In this category, I’ll feature some of the BL Manga for those who want to read a love comedy, wants to smile and wants to feel love!!

The World's Greatest First Love

It’s a story about love between a new-comer girl manga editor and the chief editor! The chief editor, who is good looking but has a sharp tongue, was actually the one who the new-comer editor has fallen love with before……!?
This is one of the representatives of BL Manga! It’s been made into BL Anime a couple times. Both BL Manga and BL Anime are easy to enjoy!!
The World's Greatest First Love Manga Set
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Junjo Romantica
Junjou Romantica / 純情ロマンチカ

It’s another pure love BL title which was written by the author of The World's Greatest First Love! The main character, a high school student, asked his older brother to ask one of his friends, who is a talented novelist, to teach him study. But the main character found out that the talented novelist was writing a novel about his brother and himself……!!
This title focuses more on the deep relationship, compared to The World's Greatest First Love. The worldview is a little narrower too (meaning less characters appearing)! There are the same characters who appear in both titles so it would be even more interesting if you read both~!!
Junjo Romantica Manga Set
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The love-at-a-first-sight ten years ago was a boy, dressed as a woman……!? Due to one incident, the main character, who used to be a child actor, came to hate the show business. He is now aiming for becoming a cartoonist but he happened to perform with one of the popular actors who he has performed with before again…… Now it begins. It’s a love comedy, where we can see the sequel of the love-at-a-first-sight ten years ago!
BL Anime aired in 2014 but in June, 2020, the live-action movie will release too!
LOVE STAGE!! Manga Set
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This is best for those who don’t want to read the normal BL Manga! Some high school students joined the club, thinking that it was the photography club but ended up figuring out that it was the Yarichin☆Bitch-bu……! (For those who are interested in this club, look it up!) It’s a super nasty title! But still it’s pure! I don’t even know if this can be animated!? It’s such a shocking title in the BL World!
Sorry but I can’t even write anything here. But it’s super interesting and incredibly nasty! For those who want to read abnormal BL Manga, try this!!

Incredible Worldview!
Here are the THREE Fantasy BL Titles!

In this category, you see a very unique worldview such as fantasy and near-future timeframe!!

DRAMAtical Murder

The original is an adult game which released from Nitro+CHiRAl. The world is set in the near future, where they see a popular trend ‘AllMates’ (it’s a【game】where they have their clones play and fight in the electronic brain area, especially among young people.) That game gets popular on a small island where the main character, Mizuki, lives too but……!?
The original is a game but a comicalized version, other than BL Anime, also released! It’s one of the famous BL game titles, which released in Play Station Vita too!

Togainu no Chi

The original is an adult game which released in 2005 from Nitro+CHiRAL too. It’s a story happened in the parallel world after the WWIII. The main character, Akira, was falsely accused. Instead of getting rid of it, he is forced to join the killing game……
Speaking of the famous BL games, it’s Togainu no Chi!! It was made into BL Anime in 2010 but it attracted people by a different scenario development than the original!
Togainu no Chi Manga Set
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It’s a suspense fantasy manga title, where the author, Koga Yun, writes the original. The main character, sixth grader Aoyagi Ritsuka, had a dearest older brother. But the brother was killed by someone and nobody knew the truth of the murder. One day, a man called Agatsuma Soubi visited Ritsuka. From that day on, he will be struggled with the truth about his brother’s death and himself……!
If you know this title, you’re absolutely a super BL Otaku! It’s been a long time…… Its manga was serialized in around 2001 and BL anime was aired in 2005! I guess people know this but actually don’t know how it was concluded~!?
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So! From light to heavy…… The latest to the oldest…… How was the BL Manga titles? Which one did you like most!? Now, go check it out!

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