【Winter 2021 Anime】Near Future × Erotic × Suspense! Featuring World’s End Harem!

※ Since this series contains many erotic descriptions, we express the content in an indirect way.
Hello everybody! It’s Saori from Manga Republic!
The one I’ll be featuring today is “the most erotic series among all the Winter 2021 Anime”!! It’s too erotic to express to the details as we always do but…… it’s actually going viral so let me give it a shot, making it simple!

【Winter 2021 Anime】
Near Future × Erotic × Suspense!
Featuring World’s End Harem!


What Is World's End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem)?

It’s a Japanese youth manga series written by LINK-Sensei and illustrated by Shouno Kotaro-Sensei, serialized in digital magazine, “Shōnen Jump+” since 2016.
Shouno Kotaro-Sensei has made many adult’s series hit, therefore, this serialization in the magazine became a hot subject back then.
“The Unknown Virus: a lethal disease that has eradicated 99% of the world’s male population. People struggle with reproduction of descendants and research for a specific cure.”
It’s a story, pursuing an extreme dystopia and erotic element with erotic descriptions. That is why, this series (including the latest episode) is not shown in public for a long period of time. Not only such erotic descriptions but this series is rated highly also by the scenario development, which is mysterious and bold. Also, many readers come back for each episode repeatedly. In January 2021, the anima adaptation is scheduled to premiere.
And one of the best parts is that it contains many mystery-solving and thrilling scenario development on top of the sexy descriptions! Well, let’s take a look at the outline!

Outline of World's End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem)!

The story is set in 2040.
The main protagonist, Mizuhara Reito, confesses his love to his childhood friend, Erisa. Erisa, who’s known him for 10 years, knew his feeling. And she feels happy about it as well. However……
Reito also confesses another thing to her. Reito is suffering from a rare disease called “cell sclerosis” found in 2040 and will be put in cryogenic sleep for five years while waiting for a life-saving treatment to be developed.
Erisa says that she wants to wait until he awakens from the cryogenic sleep, however, Reito gently turns it down, knowing that Erisa has been proposed by her college friend, who does such an excellent work at college. Reito suggests that she should go out with him, instead of waiting for him.
Although they know they love each other, he cannot say that he wants her to wait for him. Because he knows that his disease carries a high mortality rate that he will die if the specific cure is not complete. They just farewell without the last words. Then the day, when Reito starts the cryogenic sleep, has come.
The doctor encourages him, saying that there will be a specific cure in a few years at the earliest.
Reito is now talking with his family, feeling a little scared and worried.
Then Erisa visits him. She goes, “I came here to see you off,” looking a little sad. Reito is relieved to know that she is actually worried about him. Reito gives her the necklace that he cherishes and says;
“Will you keep it until I wake up?”
Erisa then promises to him.
“I’ll be waiting for you for good, okay??”
Erisa that Reito sees last before he goes into the sleep is cute…… while crying……
And the time has passed. When Reito awakens from the deep freeze in 2045, the specific cure seems to have been complete and Reito’s disease is completely cured. While being pleased, Reito finds out that incredible virus is being spreading out throughout the world.
In 2041, the world was stuck by virus that caused the death of “half” the population in the planet. The specific cure hasn’t been completed yet even with he latest scientific technology, and this virus has still been threatening human-beings.
One day when Reito goes out, he notices something. There are no males in town. The world has been currupted and it looks totally different from the one he last saw.
Yes…… most “males” are missing in this world……
The virus is called the “MK (Man Killing) Virus” that causes the skin discoloration and vomiting blood, ending up dying to every male human in the planet within three days.
Reito learns that 99.9% of males in the world have died and he is one of five males in Japan who have been treated for the disease “cell sclerosis.” Not knowing why these five are survived, he is requested:
…… to take part in a reproduction program with suvived females to ensure humanity’s survival……
It sounds like a pretty serious worldview, huh……? Reito actually expresses that this world is like “SF fantasy”…… How is Reito going to end up in this world?
The original has two versions: the regular one and the semi-color one without any restriction of description! Pick whichever you like and give it a try!
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