Haikyu!! X Reader Manga! And Kuroko・Prince of Tennis…! You Can Communicate with Manga Chara!?

Hello everybody! It’s Saori from Manga Republic!
It’s already cold, skipping a cool weather, here in Japan! We enjoy reading books in autumn, taking advantage of this cool weather in Japan!
Aaand hello everybody. I’m Manga Republic’s Boss.
Yeah, Autumn is the Best Season for Reading! I have a feeling that we’ve been talking about reading manga all through year, though.
Yep! And we’re going to talk about manga today too! So! Do you know there’s a wonderful manga, where we can enjoy a dream-like situation, by talking, dating or hanging out with famous manga chara……!?

【Haikyu!! X Reader Manga】Haikyu!!・Kuroko・Prince of Tennis…… and MORE! Here Comes Manga, Where You Can Communicate with Manga Chara!? What Is Haikyu!! X Reader Manga?

What Is Haikyu!! X Reader Manga?

It’s an Anthology-type comics, called a parody comics, where the readers can enjoy the specific situations with the specific characters.
The typical one is ○○ カレシ (kareshi=boyfriend), where a manga character becomes your boyfriend and you can talk or date with him!
Mmm. it’s, what we call, a situation book, huh?
It’s not the official comics but it’s rather a commercial anthology! It’s usually a four-panel comic style and you can enjoy situations where you can talk with the character…… The best part about this is you can feel various characters’ attraction from the different point of view than the official comics! Since one comics contains many works by various manga artists, you can enjoy a variety of stories too!
Sometimes, we can see the reader’s hands or a part of the body, which makes us feel immersing into that world, huh? This is the best one for those who want to enjoy this kind of situation book!
Haikyu!! X Reader Manga
Kuroko's Basketball (Kuroko no Basket) X Reader Manga
Prince of Tennis (Tennis no Ouji-sama) X Reader Manga
Kimpuri Cinema X Reader Manga
My Hero Academia X Reader Manga
Gintama X Reader Manga
What’s more? Not just the ones from already existing situation books but the X Reader Manga from the original story are also releasing!
You get swayed by a little boy!?
Shota+Kareshi X Reader Manga!
You have a crush on a wolf……!?
Ookami + Kareshi!
Encourage chubby me kindly and strictly!?
Let’s eat delicious meal together!!
ごはん+カレシ sounds good to me! So by reading manga, we can feel that we eat delicious meal together, huh?
Since I’ve recently been on a diet, I want to get motivated with 痩せろ+カレシ, by getting encouraged or scolded……
So! X Reader Manga has full of various situations and characters! Why don’t you check it out if you are curious about any of the situation comics?
Enjoy situations while reading books!
Check HERE for X Reader Manga!
Already! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article!

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