【School Manga】The Words Change People. A Special Number for From now on we begin ethics!

Hello everybody. The subject that I was good at at school was the home economics. It’s Saori from Manga Republic.
Hello everybody. The subject that I was good at at school was science, like the mathematics. I’m Manga Republic’s Boss.
Ugh…… science and math…… You like to calculate big numbers?
Ah~ it’s alright. To me, it’s even harder when I have to answer the question like ‘What intention does the author have when he wrote this sentence?’ in the Japanese or the social science’s class. Isn’t it hard to imagine or assume something that is not written in the book?
Right. The subjects such as Japanese, moral education or ethics, sure are difficult but they are very important in our life! And today, we’ll be featuring one of the unique released Manga, focusing on such a difficult subject, the ethics!

【School Manga】The Words Change People. A Special Number for From now on we begin ethics!


What Is From now on we begin ethics. (Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu.)?

It’s a Japanese manga series by a manga artist, Amase Shiori-Sensei, serialized in GRAND JUMP PREMIUM since 2016. As for its comics, four volumes have been released so far and it’s becoming even more popular with the news that its live-action drama is scheduled to released. Amase Shiori-Sensei has also worked on the series called “ALL OUT!!”
Wow~! That means she must be good at creating school-youth type Manga, huh?
Right. But while this one was specialized with sports, the one we’ll feature today is themed as the ‘ethics,’ which gives us a different impression!

Outline of From now on we begin ethics. (Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu.)!

The third-year students at this high school have some elective subjects, where they can choose one.
Some of those subjects, such as PE, are so competitive that those who want that option end up being drawn at random. On the other hands, a little complicated subjects, such as information-related subject, tend to be chosen by those who lost a raffle.
Meanwhile, 15 students end up taking the ethics.
Some are really into the ethics, while some are not.
At day 1, there’s one student, named Aizawa Ichiko, eagerly waiting for the teacher to show up.
The teacher, Takayanagi, shows up in the classroom and greets to the students who he is going teach for this academic year, bowing so deeply.
What he says first is,
“You won’t have any problems in the future even if you don’t learn the ethics.”
There’s no such thing as practicality that the foreing language has, nor general versatility that the mathematics has.
Then when do we need to use the ethics?
That’s when you are alone.
When you come closer to death, you might think;
What is a better life?
What should the ideal man be like? What’s the perfect woman like?
What’s the difference between them? And why are they different?
What is happiness?
What is life?
The pholosophers back in time have reached various ways of living, while they face so many questions that they could not answer, thinking that they might enrich their lives or they might be the answers when they are lost in the future.
After the first class is over, Ichiko asks Takayanagi after everybody has left the room.
“Hey Sensei, do you have a girlfriend?”
Ichiko is such a troublemaker that even Takayanagi has heard of her bad rumor. Takayanagi calmly asks Ichiko, who is trying to seduce him.
“Do you know what the ‘Oiran’ is?”
Ichiko knows what the Oiran is but doesn’t know many things about it.
Takayanagi explains to her, saying that it’s a “high-ranking courtesan,” which is the modern way of describing it.
Then he asks her again.
“Then, what is necessary to become the Oiran?”
Ichiko confidently answers him.
“How she looks, and the technique, where she can satisfy men! Maybe I might be able to be the one!”
And she innocently smiles.
But Takayanagi clearly denies her answer.
“You need education and culture. There’s no way you can be the one.”
First of all, you have to be knowledgeable about the Japanese classics and letters.
You have to be a pro of playing the igo, shogi to entertain men. You also need to be able to play the musical instrument such as shamisen or koto. You have to be well-mannered and very polite. You need abundant knowledge.
Above all, you can never give yourself to him even if you are given a great deal of money.
It can never be the one-night stand. You have to make them think that you’re “beautiful” from the bottom of their heart.
All that create is education and culture. Takayanagi says to her.
“You have no such thing.”
Unfortunately, Takayanagi himself prefers women with education and culture so there’s no way he can accept her seduction. He also advises her that she needs various elements other than how she looks, to seduce adult men, especially because Ichiko is young. Takayanagi, then, leaves the room, suggesting to her that she should learn the caligraphy to learn beauty of heart.
Ichiko starts to change a little since that day on.
She is now into the book, specialized with Oiran, even though she didn’t buy it.
Even though the school life is still boring to her, all the teachers start to realize that her handwriting has got neater.
And now she’s into a “beautiful handwriting” and buys a how-to book, specialized with that.
She has more time, focusing on studying and starts to gradually enjoy studying.
Ichiko is now conscious about her starting to change herself by studying and knowing various things.
However, one day…… Her “guy friend,” who she’s lost touch because she’s been busy studying, calls for her.
What!!!!?? This is it????? What’s gonna happen to Ichiko???
Well, you’ll see in manga……! But as a manga series, it’s an interesting drama and I was also able to learn a lot, especially because it’s themed as the ethics……! I didn’t share enough about Takayanagi-Sensei in this article but he is very smart and always gives his students a chance of thinking what the best answer is. I even thought, my life would not be like this if I had met a teacher like him. He’s such a nice teacher.
The storyline is very interesting and we can learn a lot with each episode, standing alone as well. I bet it would go viral if it is made into anime~! But again, I don’t really know if the animation is better than the live-action drama because the live-action drama might depict human drama more clearly than the anime!
Oh yeah…… I know this is a great manga series though. I’ll try the vol.1 now!
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From now on we begin ethics.
Already! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article!